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Can I come and collect from Bristol?
Yes you are welcome to come and buy from our trade counter from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
Do any of your products contain any asbestos?
You can be assured that none of our products contain any asbestos.
What is the difference between firebricks and insulation bricks?
Firebricks are dense, strong and hold the heat for a comparatively long time. They are more difficult to cut and usually a disc cutter is used. Insulation bricks are lightweight, white in colour and very easy to cut with a saw. They do not hold the heat and they have very low mechanical strength and very low abrasion resistance.
What should I use for a register plate?
We recommend using a Vermiculite Fireboard. This is very easy to cut using woodworking tools and you can cut the hole for the flue pipe with a jigsaw. Then you can seal around the edges of the board and around the flue pipe with Heat Resistant Silicone.
How should I seal the flue pipe to the stove?
For the first joint adjacent to the stove you should fill the gap with thermal rope and then cover with black fire cement, from a cartridge is the most convenient way to do this. Any other joints should be sealed with Heat Resistant Silicone.
I am fitting a stove in a wooden building, camper van, canal boat, railway vehicle etc – how can I protect the wall from the heat?
You can fix vermiculite fireboard to the wall with screws and then put a metal sheet in front of this or tile onto the fireboard. If the floor is wooden then the stove should ideally sit on a metal base which is raised up from the floor.
Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
I want to make a mobile pizza oven – do you have any advice about this?
You can install one of our pre-cast ovens onto a trailer. We would suggest that this would have to be permanent as it is not practical to install and remove for each occasion that this is used. In this situation there should be extra insulation above and below the oven as well as ducting for the flue outside the vehicle if this is covered. This can be achieved with ceramic fibre board underneath and ceramic fibre blanket above. The total weight should be less than 500 kilos even for the large oven arrangement.
Does your oven conform to the 1993 Clean Air Act?
Outdoor ovens are exempt from the act as long as they are not part of the building in a smoke restricted area. Obviously if you are not in a smoke restricted area then it is legal to use your oven.