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  1. How to Build Pizza Oven in Garden - DIY in 6 Easy Steps

    How to Build Pizza Oven in Garden - DIY in 6 Easy Steps

    Who doesn’t like pizza? No matter where you are from, you must love sizzling hot pizza right from the pizza oven. Pizza has slowly become an important component of our social lives, and we enjoy it while watching a film, having a social gathering, office meetings, and while enjoying Netflix in the middle of the night. Pizza is just one call or click away from our taste buds.

    However, have you ever thought of building your own wood-fired pizza oven at home? You will not be the first. A lot of people love to create their food, and pizza is one of them. While a lot of people use their electric or gas oven to do it, some people want to do everything on their own and opt for a brick pizza oven in their own garden. It may sound highly challenging and tedious, but it is quite an easy task with the help of clear and easy to follow DIY steps.

  2. What is a Kiln? Construction and application

    The words kiln derived from old English cyln and furnace are often used interchangeably to describe a type of oven / stove which is heated to a very high temperature referred to as a firing process.

    According to the strict definition the difference is that a kiln is loaded when cold and then heated up whereas a furnace is heated up first before being loaded.

  3. The Difference Between Fire Protection and Heat Resistant Products

    There is a lot of misuse of the terms Fire Protection and Heat Resistant and their respective uses. These two terms can become very similar and confusing. The accompanying material will make clear the distinctions between the two. 

    Protection and resistant can never be used interchangeably, and both of these terms mean something different entirely. The confusion arises when you look at Resistant and Protection. Both words can be confusing, and you might get burnt if you're suggested to use one, but you purchase the other one.

  4. How to Build a Fire Pit Using Fire Bricks?

    How to Build a Fire Pit Using Fire Bricks?

    Fire pits at the garden are wildly popular among homeowners, and there is an amazing reason behind this popularity. No other feeling compares to the one you feel while sitting next to a snapping fire bringing together everyone.

    Sure, you can just dig a hole in your garden, place some bricks and stones, and light a fire. However, if you double the investment, you and your family can construct and enjoy yourself a beautiful brick DIY fire pit. To build a fire pit you should also consider using eco-friendly and recycled fire bricks to limit the use of your financial resources and reduce the overall expenses.

  5. Protection and Insulation of Exhaust Pipes

    Protection and Insulation of Exhaust Pipes

    Exhaust pipes, along with other components, in heavy and high-temperature machinery, serve the purpose of releasing built up heat, steam and other hazardous fumes from the machinery or vehicle. However, this process ends up heating them up and damaging them in the long run. Exhaust sections, pipes, and segments in any car or heavy-duty machinery are subject to constant heating and cooling that with long exposure can lead to severe and irreparable degradation and deterioration.

  6. What is Insulation and How It Works

    What is Insulation and How It Works

    Insulation is an important aspect of any high heat appliance, whether it is in your home or in industrial settings. When an appliance is properly insulated, it has many additional benefits conferred on it, i.e. it reduces heat loss which thus saves on energy consumption and as a result, is more environmentally friendly and more economically efficient. In the long term, this increases the life span of such appliances as they require less frequent repairs.

  7. How to Build a Mobile Pizza Oven?

    How to Build a Mobile Pizza Oven?

    Who doesn’t love pizza? However, you may be bored of continually ordering pizza from mainstream chains or buying from the supermarket. After all, there is nothing quite like a homemade pizza. You may have heard about building your own wood fired oven for a custom culinary experience, but what about a mobile pizza oven that you can take anywhere with you and fire up wherever you want? It is the perfect option for commercial mobile caterers and all of those with an exciting life on the go.

  8. Heat Resistant Paints - Types and Applications

    Heat Resistant Paints - Types and Applications

    Every place on this planet is trying to come up with better ways to protect themselves in times of natural disasters, calamities, and fires. 

  9. The Uses and Applications of High-Temperature Textiles

    The Uses and Applications of High-Temperature Textiles

    The production of high-temperature textiles, in the last 40 to 50 years, has evolved significantly. Today, there is a wide range of options available on the market composed of human-made fibers that are very safe as compared to traditional ingredients used previously. Modern options include fibreglass, ceramic fibre, granite, clay, basalt, iron, stainless-steel or their unique combinations. These ingredients are of different weights, masses, densities, and yields, and these are all rendered into wool, cord, cloth, pipe, tube, and felt in specific requirements and coatings.

  10. Home Foundry - Metal Casting At Home

    Home Foundry - Metal Casting At Home

    Everyone likes the power to create something with their own hands. It makes you feel like you are in charge of your actions, creations, and life. Instead of getting amazed by complex machinery parts and metal objects, you can very easily create your own bespoke metal objects at home with your own home foundry.


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