VITCAS Fire Bricks-6 Black for Stoves & Fireplaces

VITCAS Fire Bricks-6 Black for Stoves & Fireplaces

VITCAS Arch Fire bricks

VITCAS Arch Fire bricks


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Vitcas Vermiculite Insulating Cement is a non-combustible, pre-mixed lightweight aggregate cement mix. Used for backing insulation and non-structural infill. Suitable for filling in gaps between firebacks and fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces and outdoor pizza ovens.

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VITCAS Vermiculite Insulating Cement

Lightweight cement made with exfoliated vermiculite ultra-lightweight aggregate. This material is about 20% of the weight of normal cement mixes and 25 mm of this material is equivalent to 500mm of normal cement in insulation value.


  • non-combustible for the purpose of building regulations
  • ideal for any application where a low density, high insulation and non-combustible material is required.


  • filling the gaps between firebacks and fireplaces
  • sealing behind Victorian Type cast-iron fireplaces
  • sealing gaps in outdoor pizza ovens

The material is NOT for use where abrasion resistance is required or for structural applications. As with all insulating materials it should also be protected from water ingress.

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Product Group Mortars/ Cements/ Concrete
Color Grey
Consistency Powder
Manufacturer Vitcas
Insulation Yes
Mix with water Yes
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