Flue Insulation Wrap

Flue Insulation Wrap

PREMIUM Fire Cement 25KG

PREMIUM Fire Cement 25KG

PIZZA OVEN PEEL 48" long overall

Aluminium blade pizza-bread oven peel with wooden handle for placing and retrieving the food in the wood burning outdoor oven. It is a safer method of inserting and taking out hot food like bread, pizza, casseroles, meats, fish, etc. from a wood fired oven. Has a wooden handle to maximise safety.

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Aluminium Blade Pizza Oven Peel

The aluminium blade peels for wood fired outdoor bread/ pizza ovens have a wooden handle. They are an easier method of inserting bread or pizza and removing them while they are hot from the oven.

Dimensions: 570mm overall length; 48" long overall


  • protects you from high temperature related harm
  • easier & safer way of inserting & taking out pizza, bread, etc
  • has wooden handle to prevent you from burning yourself


  • For inserting and retrieving food from a wood burning bread/ pizza oven.
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Product Group Tools / Accessories
Size 1230x230x50mm
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