Fireplace & Stove

Using a solid fuel to light up your fireplace or stove will help to create a cosy atmosphere in your home. Fireplaces and stoves are an excellent idea to warm up the home during those long, chilly winter evenings. When it comes to building your own DIY fireplace or stove and the subsequent fireplace and stove maintenance, Vitcas comes to your aid with a selection of products. Check out what our shop has to offer!

Build a fireplace by yourself

The wide range of materials that Vitcas has to offer will give you the opportunity to build the fireplace or stove of your dreams- whether it be an open stove or built-in-wall fireplace, we have you covered.

Fireplace and stove maintenance

No matter what style you prefer, the fireplace will become the focal point of any living room. To keep it in good shape, you need to maintain your stove or fireplace correctly. In our shop, you will find the necessary supplies to fulfil this task.

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