Pizza Ovens / BBQ / Firepits

The special category of Vitcas materials for outdoor wood fired pizza/bread ovens, tandoori ovens, smokers, rocket stoves, barbecue grills, fire pits and all other high temperature, outdoor cooking appliances. 

Wide pizza oven selection

We offer bread and pizza ovens in different models and various sizes to suit your heart's desires. To find out which oven suits you best, see our best pizza ovens review.

When it comes to our outdoor bread and pizza ovens, you can either buy them ready made or you can build your own using our products or our Pizza Oven Kit. 

We offer every material you need for the construction and insulation of your very own pizza oven, as well as all the tools you need for cooking inside it.

Fire pits, BBQ, tandoors and smokers

We offer a wide variety of materials and appliances for your outdoor cooking which will appease every type of person. Not to mention, with the help of our products, you'll create the ambience in your outdoor living space which will attract everyone back to your home. 

If you love your smoked meats and smoked salmon, read about how to build your own brick smoker.

If you prefer your food grilled, read about how to make your own brick barbecue.

If you love Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, learn how to build a traditional tandoori oven.

Finally, if you want to opt for the cosy ambience of a fire pit, read about how to make your own fire pit using fire bricks.

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