Castable Refractory

Vitcas Castables Refractory consist of standard dense refractory castables predominantly made for use in boilers and furnaces.

Types of refractory castable

The Refractory Concrete is a traditional, concrete and fireclay based refractory for general use in applications such as furnaces, burner blocks and muffle furnaces. It is resistant up to 1600oC.

Vitcas offers a Refractory Castable that is rated to 1700oC. It is a refractory castable produced on the basis of bauxite with a high content of alumina. This Refractory Castable is designed for use in extreme conditions such as in hearth blocks in heating furnaces or inside monolithic steel ladles.

Vitcas also offers the Insulating Refractory Castable for lining furnaces and flues where good insulation is required. The material is characterised by its low density and low thermal conductivity. Its temperature resistance is up to 1300oC. It is not suitable for applications where excessive wear occurs.

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  1. Insulation Refractory Castable 1300°C

    Vitcas Insulation Refractory Castable is a low density material for lining furnaces and for use as an insulation backing material for dense castables. It is resistant to temperatures reaching 1300°C.

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    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £47.99
  2. Vitcas Refractory Castable Grade 1600°C-Refractory Concrete

    Castable Refractory (Refractory Concrete) is used for repairs to boiler linings, boiler doors and incinerator linings. For use where localised temperatures are higher; for example in gas or oil burner blocks and where forced air is being used.

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    Special Price £45.59 £37.99 Regular Price £47.99
  3. Refractory Castable Grade 1700°C

    VITCAS Refractory Castable 1700 this material is suitable for use in a home foundry project as the material for lining a metal drum to make a small scale crucible furnace. Suitable even for melting cast iron.

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    Special Price £56.39 £46.99 Regular Price £59.99
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