Refractory fire bricks

Vitcas Refractory Fire Bricks are of a high density and made out of fireproof clay. The refractory fire bricks come in a range of different diameters to choose from, in order for it to best suit your outdoor, wood burning pizza oven, barbecue grill, furnace, circulator, fireplace or insert. The maximum temperature of resistance in this category is 1600oC.

Types of refractory brick

We supply fire bricks with a 60% and 42% alumina content that can be used for industrial applications in metal casting, ceramics, brazing hearths, kiln linings and forges. 

We also supply arch fire bricks which work perfectly in tunnel shaped pizza and bread ovens to create the roof.

Acid resistant brick

Vitcas supplies a special type of firebrick which is resistant to acids and abrasion, which makes it ideal for use in the steel, cement and aluminium industry, as well as in generating power.

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  1. VITCAS Refractory Fire bricks 60% AL2O3

    VITCAS Fire Bricks, 60% Alumina, sized at 230x114x64mm. These high-grade refractory bricks are designed for extreme temperatures up to 1600°C / 2910°F. Ideal for demanding applications like kiln linings, ceramics, metal casting, forges, and brazing hearths, they offer exceptional durability for the most challenging environments.

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  2. VITCAS Fire bricks 230x114x76mm

    VITCAS Fire Bricks, made with 42% Alumina content. Sized at 230 x 114 x 76mm and designed to endure extreme conditions up to 1430°C. Ideal for a range of high-temperature applications including kiln linings, ceramics, metal casting, forges, and brazing hearths, these bricks are the perfect choice for ensuring durability and efficiency in your heat-intensive projects.

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  3. Acid Resistant Bricks

    Vitcas Acid Resistant Clay Firebricks are heat resistant to 400°C / 752°F. The acid resistant bricks are also resistant to chemicals including most mineral acids and resistant to abrasion. They are suitable for use in applications such as in power generation and in the cement, steel, and aluminium industries.

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  4. VITCAS Arch Fire bricks

    Vitcas Arch Fire Bricks. Dimensions: 230mm x 114mm x54mm ->76mm. Used to form the arch of a doorway in a Wood Fired Bread/ Pizza Oven or is used to construct the roof of a tunnel shaped oven.

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