Stove Rope - Pack

Vitcas offers handy packs containing 2 metres of rope used for the repair of seals on stove doors.  

Types of stove rope packs

The packs come with rope in either white or black colour, with a diameter ranging from 3mm-20mm. All of the stove ropes withstand heat up to 550oC. 

Vitcas White Glass Ladder Tape has a special structure with missing fibre yarns in the thread, which makes it suitable for a variety of applications.


  • Jointing flues
  • Inserting fixing screws
  • Sealing stove glass and around stove doors
  • Insulating vessels and pipes
  • Joining metal panels
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  1. White Stove Rope 2m Pack
    White Stove Rope 2m Pack
    As low as £1.20 £1.00

    Vitcas White Stove Rope Pack. Contains 2 metres of white fire rope. Available in diameters ranging from 3mm to 15mm. 

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    As low as £1.80 £1.50

    Stove Rope Pack contains 2 metres of Vitcas Black Fire Rope. The rope is for sealing, jointing and gasketing, e.g. around and in your stove door, in jointing flue systems, or between the stove body and the door of the stove, or in the stove glass. Diameters range from 6mm to 12mm.  Resistant to 550oC.

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  3. White Glass Ladder Tape 25x2mm x 2M
    White Glass Ladder Tape 25x2mm x 2M
    Special Price £5.40 £4.50 Regular Price £7.20

    Glass Ladder Tape  has a unique structure making it ideal for use as an exterior layer over glass edges in stove, furnace and bakers ovens, as well as to insert fixing screws. Resistant to 550oC / 1022oF continuous working temperature. Available in White. Dimensions: 25 mm x 2 mm.

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