Putty Repair Compounds

Vitcas Putty Repair Compounds, as the name suggests, have a putty consistency and include a Sealing and Luting Compound, Premium Fire Cement and Premium-T Fire Cement. 


  • Resistant to high temperatures- ranging from 1250oC to 1400oC
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Hardens under the influence of heat
  • After drying, they form smoke resistant and gas-tight joints


  • Jointing chimney flues
  • Repairs in stoves, fireplaces, ranges and boilers
  • Premium 1P is used in the pouring of white metal bearings
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  1. PREMIUM Fire Cement 1250°C -25Kg

    Vitcas Premium Fire Resistant Cement is able to withstand very high temperatures reaching up to  1250oC / 2282oF. The premium fire cement has a putty-like consistency which hardens at high temperatures. Used in domestic & industrial applications such as in making air tight joints in flue pipes.

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  2. PREMIUM -T Fire Cement

    Premium T Fire Cement is used for repairing special parts inside fish and chip frying rangers, kebab cookers, etc. found in fast food and takeaway places. The fire cement is also used in warming trays and chafing dishes found in restaurants and buffets. It can withstand temperatures reaching 1400oC.

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  3. PREMIUM 1P Sealing/ Luting Compound 1400°C

    Vitcas Premium 1P is a high temperature resistant, sealing and luting compound. It serves to a maximum temperature of 1400°C / 2550°F. It is very easy to apply and adheres exceptionally well in relining of bearings and manufacturing with white metals. It prevents attacks from white metals.

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