Pre-made Oven

Vitcas Ready made Pizza Ovens are available, if DIY is not your forte. The ovens come in several parts (depending on the size of the oven) which can easily be assembled and they come with the required materials to seal them together. On top of the parts and sealing materials which come with the ovens, we recommend additional insulation materials which are found in our online shop.

Wide Variety

There are different models of bread and pizza ovens which we supply, some of which are smaller and perfect for domestic use, some which are larger  for those with more space at their disposal and some which are better suited for a commercial kitchen. Aside from the variety of available sizes, each oven model has unique benefits due to their differing builds. Whether you want a small, tunnel shaped Casa, a dome shaped Pompeii or a traditional brick oven, we have you covered. To decide which pizza oven model is best for you, read our review.

The ovens are for outdoor use, but they also can be installed indoors, provided you comply with the relevant building regulations.

In addition to this, the pizza ovens can be made mobile. In order to convert your oven into a mobile pizza oven, read our article.


Each pizza oven comes with an instruction manual. To learn more, see our videos.

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  1. Small Brick Pizza Oven - VITCAS-S

    Clay firebrick outdoor wood fired pizza oven VITCAS-S is a small sized oven ideal for minimum assembly in the smaller space. Most ideal in domestic use, for when you have limited outdoor garden space or a smaller family/household.

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    Special Price £696.00 £580.00 Regular Price £1,800.00
  2. Large Brick Pizza Oven - VITCAS-L

    Outdoor clay firebrick pizza oven VITCAS- L is a larger oven with a higher pizza capacity,  which can be fitted for use in commercial applications. Has a capacity to hold 2-4 small pizzas. Manufactured from top quality, high temperature resistant refractories.

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    Special Price £1,074.00 £895.00 Regular Price £2,400.00
  3. VITCAS Wood Fired Bread/ Pizza Oven

    VITCAS Pompeii Wood Fired Bread / Pizza Oven is a traditional dome shaped wood burning indoor or outdoor bread and pizza oven made in the UK from high quality refractory materials. The original oven in the Pompeii series. Ideal for use in domestic applications.

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    Special Price £1,194.00 £995.00 Regular Price £2,400.00
  4. VITCAS Pompeii Oven 100

    VITCAS Pompeii 100 is a high quality, traditional wood fired bread and pizza oven for both indoor and outdoor use. Most ideal for domestic applications, especially for large households/ families or for gatherings, parties and other functions.

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    Special Price £1,554.00 £1,295.00 Regular Price £3,000.00
  5. Wood Burning Pizza and Bread Oven - Pompeii 120

    VITCAS Wood Burning Pizza / Bread Oven Pompeii 120 is a dome shaped and traditionally built wood fired bread and pizza oven which can be used indoor or outdoor. It is made from the best quality high temperature refractories. Can be used for commercial applications e.g. in restaurants, festivals, etc

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    Special Price £1,794.00 £1,495.00 Regular Price £3,600.00
  6. VITCAS Pompeii Oven 140

    VITCAS oven Pompeii 140 is traditionally built from finest quality high temperature resistant refractory materials. Wood fired bread and pizza oven for use indoors and outdoors. Suitable for use in commercial applications e.g. festivals and restaurants etc.

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    Special Price £1,998.00 £1,665.00 Regular Price £3,840.00
  7. Outdoor Pizza Oven-Vitcas

    Vitcas outdoor wood burning Casa pizza oven. It is especially designed and made in the UK for the smaller garden or when you have limited space for the oven. Also ideal for smaller households and families. The Casa oven is quick and easy to assemble.

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    Special Price £594.00 £495.00 Regular Price £720.00
  8. Vitcas Double Casa

    Vitcas Double Casa outdoor wood burning pizza oven is manufactured from high quality refractories. It is a double sized Casa oven. Ideal for when you have more outdoor garden space. Has a larger pizza capacity so you can make more pizzas and save them for later or hold gatherings in the garden.

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    Special Price £1,074.00 £895.00 Regular Price £1,320.00
  9. HPS - Heatproof Screed

    Fireproof Screed, a cement-like product, is resistant to 1400°C / 2550°F. For interior and exterior use. Its function is for Screeding Masonry and making replacement fire bricks for Kilns, Fireplaces, Barbeques and Pizza Ovens. Protects vulnerable materials, which are in danger of being damaged by high heat exposure.

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    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  10. OC - Outdoor Oven Cement

    Vitcas Outdoor Pizza Oven Cement is an hydraulic-set mortar designed for exterior jointing with fire bricks in applications such as pizza ovens, barbecues, smokehouses, bread ovens, fire pits and other high-temperature applications. This kind of outdoor fire cement is water-insoluble, resistant to rain and frost and cures without the need for heat.

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    As low as £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £23.99
  11. Heat Resistant SILICONE 315°C

    VITCAS High Temperature Silicone is a flexible sealant designed to withstand high temperatures up to 315ºC. It is perfect for joints in contact with high temperatures, such as flues, ovens, gaskets, stoves, boilers, and more. Heat Resistant silicone sealant provides excellent adhesion to most building materials, ensuring a strong and durable bond.

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    Special Price £5.99 £4.99 Regular Price £11.99
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