How to Build a Mobile Pizza Oven?

How to Build a Mobile Pizza Oven?
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How to Build a Mobile Pizza Oven?

Who doesn’t love pizza? However, you may be bored of continually ordering pizza from mainstream chains or buying from the supermarket. After all, there is nothing quite like a homemade pizza. You may have heard about building your own wood fired oven for a custom culinary experience, but what about a mobile pizza oven that you can take anywhere with you and fire up wherever you want? It is the perfect option for commercial mobile caterers and all of those with an exciting life on the go.

How to Create a Mobile Pizza Oven?

Mobile pizza ovens are portable, so you can take them to large events like concerts, weddings, garden parties and corporate functions. You can just hook up the pizza trailer to your car and take it around town, or have it fitted inside a van, ready to be taken to the party where you can serve delicious home cooked pizza for you and your customers or guests to enjoy.

With the benefit of being portable, you not only have the flexibility to move easily to each site where your stand is located, but you can also escape labour costs and fees that typically come with fixed-location wood fired ovens.

It is a good investment; after all, building a mobile pizza oven trailer that will last you for years, will cost you less than a daily slice of restaurant pizza for a year. With our tips, you can very easily create your own wood fired pizza trailer to enjoy amazing pizzas anywhere and anytime you want.

Here are some useful tips to consider when building your own mobile wood fired oven.

What Kind of Mobile Pizza Oven Do You Want?

Mobile wood fired pizza ovens are not homogenous but can range from an artisan mobile pizza van to a catering trailer, all the way to the long pizza trains. It all depends on your preference, available space and the desired use, whether it be for a mobile catering business or simply to serve you and your evening guests at a summer garden party.

A mobile pizza oven can cater to a versatile range of food preferences of customers or guests, according to one's individual taste or whatever bespoke menu you offer.

You can cook or bake not only pizza, but also bread, pastries, casseroles, meats, seafood and even vegetables. There are limitless recipes online which can give you inspiration for what to prepare.

What to Consider Before Building Your Mobile Pizza Oven?

Before we delve into the guidelines on creating a mobile wood fired pizza trailer, it is important to determine the desired design and size of the oven, as well as where it will be built on. This will facilitate the building process. Here are a few things to consider.

The Available Space

Now, you want to take a look at how much space is available for this oven, depending on the type of vehicle it will be fitted on or the catering trailer on which it will be placed. Once you have the measurements, you will be able to determine which wood fired ovens are the most suitable for you.

The Required Tools

Here are some products to ensure you are fully equipped:

  • Heatproof Screed
  • Outdoor Oven Cement
  • Ceramic Fibre Board
  • Ceramic Fibre Blanket
  • Pizza Oven Wire Mesh

Mobile Pizza Oven

1. Building the Oven

The oven should be built directly on the pizza trailer or trolley or inside the mobile pizza van. Any one of our ready-built Wood Fired Pizza Ovens can be installed on a suitable trolley or inside a pizza van. Alternatively, you can design and build your own custom oven using our Pizza Oven Kit. You can also purchase each of the materials separately for your DIY pizza oven.

2. Making it Mobile

You now need to decide where the oven will go- on a trolley, a trailer fitted to a vehicle or placed securely inside a van. In the case of the trolley, you can build it or simply purchase one.

If you do decide to build your own trolley, plywood can be used to create this and there are plenty of tutorials online demonstrating the process.

Whichever option you choose, mobile pizza ovens are best situated within a metal frame and built directly on the trailer. The edges of the metal frame should fit closely to the oven base, ensuring the oven is contained and cannot move around on the trailer or trolley.

An insulation board or plinth should go on the floor of the trailer first. Then after the domes have been installed, the gap between the oven and the edges of the trailer can be filled with Heatproof Screed or with a further metal frame. This reduces the possibility of movement.

The oven should subsequently be insulated according to the standard advice provided in our Oven Manual, which contains details on the installation and insulation processes.

It is important to maintain pizza oven trailers over time to ensure their longevity. Hairline cracks may occur due to the vibrations caused by movement, which you can fill using our products.

3. Install The Chimney on Top

The last step is to install the stainless-steel chimney flue as you would normally. If the oven is inside a pizza van, then the chimney needs to be extended and taken outwards from the pizza van to ensure an outlet for the smoke and good ventilation.

4. Let It Burn

When the construction of the mobile wood fired pizza oven is complete, it is time to heat it up!

You'll want to ignite a small flame the first time you're using it, and let it burn for about 20 minutes before putting out the flames. Be careful to not overdo it and let it rise to too high of a temperature in the beginning.

Wait a few days after the first time and finish with a final test. This new test fire should be ignited for about 40 minutes. Allow the small, low temperature flames to dry up the oven properly, so it will be ready for serving delicious pizzas to your guests.

More tips and tricks you will find in this guide: How To Use A Wood Fire Pizza Oven The Right Way

Food is ready

With a bit of creativity and adherence to the steps mentioned above, you will have your portable wood fired pizza oven complete and ready to fire up in no time. Whatever big day is awaiting your service or whichever lovely people are waiting to enjoy pizza or other exquisite food, the oven will surely not disappoint.

Bon appetit!

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