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Chimney Flue 90 Degree Bend is made from stainless steel and is used for extending chimney flue pipes in a 90 degrees direction. To prevent  excessive smoke being released near and around the oven. This is for outdoor, wood burning bread and pizza ovens.

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Stainless steel 90 degree bend extends chimney flues and bends them in the direction which is 90 degrees. It has a 100mm diameter compatible with a cowl & damper. The 90 degree bend is recommened to be used with our 1 metre extension pipe.


  • It can extend and direct chimney flue pipes to 90 degrees
  • Prevents smoke from being gathered around the oven
  • Can be used in outdoor spaces which are semi-covered, i.e. there is a roof


For all wood fired, outdoor bread/ pizza ovens.

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Product Group Flues
Size 100 x 100 x 320mm
HS Tariff Code 7307298000
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