Wood Fired Ovens

Vitcas offers an extensive collection of supreme quality, Wood Fired, Bread and Pizza ovens, which you can purchase ready built, as well as providing all the required materials if you choose to build your own wood fired oven. The materials include outdoor oven cement, fire bricks and insulation materials. The wood burning ovens are all relatively quick and easy to assemble, as demonstrated in the videos on our site. The wood fired pizza ovens are of different sizes, allowing you to choose the one which best fits the desired purpose and aesthetic for your garden or commercial kitchen. The wood fired oven is perfect for outdoor cooking and will upgrade the taste of your recipes. Additionally, Vitcas offers an array of oven accessories to complete your bread and pizza oven, including heat resistant leather gloves, thermometers, chimney flues, chimney flue with cowl and damper, pizza oven plinth, oven peel, brush scraper, cast iron oven door with glass, metal oven door, tapered and squared pans for the oven, and grill baskets. 

Indoor pizza oven for home and commercial usage

In our shop, you can buy a pizza oven that can be assembled indoors, provided that you comply with smoke and building regulations. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, you can choose the right oven for the space you have at your disposal. Regardless of whether you live in a house or run a restaurant, pizza from our oven will delight every gourmet with its traditional taste.

Do not waste time. Check out our offer and buy a pizza oven today!

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  1. VITCAS Wood Fired Bread/ Pizza Oven

    VITCAS Pompeii Wood Fired Bread / Pizza Oven is a traditional dome shaped wood burning indoor or outdoor bread and pizza oven made in the UK from high quality refractory materials. The original oven in the Pompeii series. Ideal for use in domestic applications.

    Special Price £1,194.00 £995.00 Regular Price £2,400.00
  2. Large Brick Pizza Oven - VITCAS-L

    Outdoor clay firebrick pizza oven VITCAS- L is a larger oven with a higher pizza capacity,  which can be fitted for use in commercial applications. Has a capacity to hold 2-4 small pizzas. Manufactured from top quality, high temperature resistant refractories.

    Special Price £1,074.00 £895.00 Regular Price £2,400.00
  3. Outdoor Pizza Oven-Vitcas

    Vitcas outdoor wood burning Casa pizza oven. It is especially designed and made in the UK for the smaller garden or when you have limited space for the oven. Also ideal for smaller households and families. The Casa oven is quick and easy to assemble.

    Special Price £594.00 £495.00 Regular Price £720.00
  4. Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

    Vitcas Outdoor, Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit is filled with a range of all the Vitcas products you need for building your own wood burning pizza oven! 

    Starting at £2.40 £2.00

  5. Small Brick Pizza Oven - VITCAS-S

    Clay firebrick outdoor wood fired pizza oven VITCAS-S is a small sized oven ideal for minimum assembly in the smaller space. Most ideal in domestic use, for when you have limited outdoor garden space or a smaller family/household.

    Special Price £696.00 £580.00 Regular Price £1,800.00
  6. VITCAS Pompeii Oven 100

    VITCAS Pompeii 100 is a high quality, traditional wood fired bread and pizza oven for both indoor and outdoor use. Most ideal for domestic applications, especially for large households/families or for gatherings, parties and other functions.

    Special Price £1,554.00 £1,295.00 Regular Price £3,000.00
  7. Vitcas Double Casa

    Vitcas Double Casa outdoor wood burning pizza oven is manufactured from high quality refractories. It is a double sized Casa oven. Ideal for when you have more outdoor garden space. Has a larger pizza capacity so you can make more pizzas and save them for later or hold gatherings in the garden.

    Special Price £1,074.00 £895.00 Regular Price £1,320.00
  8. Wood Burning Pizza and Bread Oven - Pompeii 120

    VITCAS Wood Burning Pizza / Bread Oven Pompeii 120 is a dome shaped and traditionally built wood fired bread and pizza oven which can be used indoor or outdoor. It is made from the best quality high temperature refractories. Can be used for commercial applications e.g. in restaurants, festivals, etc

    Special Price £1,794.00 £1,495.00 Regular Price £3,600.00
  9. VITCAS Pompeii Oven 140

    VITCAS oven Pompeii 140 is traditionally built from finest quality high temperature resistant refractory materials. Wood fired bread and pizza oven for use indoors and outdoors. Suitable for use in commercial applications e.g. festivals and restaurants etc.

    Special Price £1,998.00 £1,665.00 Regular Price £3,840.00
  10. OC - Outdoor Oven Cement

    Vitcas Outdoor Oven Cement for exterior jointing with fire bricks in pizza and bread ovens, barbecues, smokehouses, fire pits, and other high temperature applications. It is a hydraulic set mortar which is non-soluble in water and resistant to rain and frost. Does not depend on heat in order to cure.

    As low as £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £23.99
  11. Fire Pit

    Ready made, high temperature concrete fire pit which will definetely be the focal point of your outdoor patio or garden. It doubles as a cosy heat source and a cooking appliance for yummy foods over the open fire. Vitcas precast concrete fire pit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add both beauty and functionality to their outdoor living space.

    As low as £310.80 £259.00 Regular Price £418.80
  12. Probe-Oven Thermometer 0°C - 500°C

    Vitcas Pizza-Bread Oven Probe Thermometer is to be installed deep inside an oven. Suitable for indoor and outdoor bread and pizza ovens. The probe oven thermometer can withstand very high temperatures reaching 500°C / 932°F. It has an easy to read dial displaying °C and °F to maximise your cooking.

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £36.00
  13. Outdoor Pizza Oven Arch

    The Vitcas Oven Arch is a cast arch section from heat resistant concrete which is a perfect addition when constructing your very own wood fired pizza or bread oven. Ideal to be used in conjunction with our Vitcas fire bricks. For tunnel-shaped 'D' ovens.

    Special Price £78.00 £65.00 Regular Price £120.00
  14. Outdoor Pizza Oven Arch for Door

    Vitcas cast arch door section for installation in wood burning pizza or bread ovens. Manufactured from high temperature resistant concrete. The perfect component to use when making your own oven in conjunction with Vitcas fire bricks.

    Special Price £78.00 £65.00 Regular Price £120.00
  15. HPS - Heatproof Screed

    Fireproof Screed, a cement-like product, is resistant to 1400°C. For interior & exterior use. Its function is for Screeding Masonry and making replacement fire bricks for Fireplaces, Barbeques and Kilns. Protects vulnerable materials, which are in danger of being damaged by high heat exposure.

    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  16. Pizza Oven Brush & Scraper

    Vitcas Pizza Oven Brush Scraper is for cleaning wood burning garden bread/ pizza ovens.  Comes with a 10" wide brush head and a 40" hardwood, metal tipped handle. The hardwood handle has low heat conductivity so it is safe. Further the rigid brush head helps to optimise your cleaning experience.

    Special Price £47.99 £39.99 Regular Price £59.99
  17. Fire Bricks Arch Set of 17 bricks

    Vitcas Fire Bricks Arch Set – Size 230mm x 114mm x54mm ->76mm. The set consists of 17 arch fire bricks which can be used to form the arch a doorway of a Wood Fired Pizza Oven or used to construct the roof of a tunnel shape oven.

    Special Price £51.00 £42.50 Regular Price £72.00
  18. Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Gloves are ideal for use in high temperature applications such as bread and pizza ovens, multi-fuel stoves, fire pits, fireplaces, open fires and barbecues. They are made out of leather to ensure optimal protection against heat and fire, thus improving your experience of using them.

    Special Price £11.99 £9.99 Regular Price £24.00
  19. Chimney Flue with Cowl and Damper

    Chimney Flue with Cowl and Damper is made for use with Vitcas wood burning outdoor pizza ovens. It has many uses such as reducing heat loss in chimneys, which means that heat remains in the oven longer and so you can use it cook multiple things without having to burn more wood.

    Special Price £95.99 £79.99 Regular Price £119.99
  20. Vitcas Casa Pizza Oven-Plinth

    Vitcas Concrete Insulation Plinth for Casa Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Acts as a base for the wood burning Casa pizza oven and increases its height to be more practical to you. Can be used in both wood fired Casa and Double Casa bread/pizza ovens. 

    Special Price £71.99 £59.99 Regular Price £120.00
  21. Freestanding Oven Thermometer 0°C - 500°C

    VITCAS Bread-Pizza Oven Freestanding Thermometer withstands temperatures up to 500oC / 932oF. Ideal for wood fired bread/pizza ovens. For both outdoor and indoor ovens. It is easy to read and accurately tells the oven temperature to enable you to have the best cooking experience.

    Special Price £11.99 £9.99 Regular Price £23.99
  22. Cast Iron Oven Glass Door with Thermometer

    Vitcas luxurious Cast Iron Pizza/ Bread Oven Doors have heat resistant glass & a built in thermometer with a dual display of both oC and oF. It is suitable for temperatures reaching 0-500oC/ 32-932oF. The heatproof glass comes in a mounting frame and there is a sliding air vent. Buy also a stove glass cleaner to remove soot and tar from oven doors

    Special Price £180.00 £150.00 Regular Price £358.80
  23. Chimney Flue 45 Degree Bend

    Stainless steel 45 degree bend extends chimney flues in a 45 degree direction. It has a 100mm diameter which is compatible with a cowl & damper. The 45 degree bend needs to be used with a 1 metre extension pipe. It is for outdoor, wood fired pizza and bread ovens.

    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £47.99
  24. Chimney Flue Straight Pipe 1Mtr

    Chimney Flue Straight Section Extension Pipe 1 metre long is made from stainless steel. Can be used with our chimney flue bends, both 90 and 45 degree bends . It extends the flue pipes upwards. Specifically designed for outdoor, wood burning, bread and pizza ovens.

    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £47.99
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