Pizza Oven Accessories

An extensive collection of pizza oven supplies to complement your Vitcas wood fired, outdoor pizza oven.

Our materials and utensils will help to prepare everything for you to make delicious pizza on your pizza party with friend and relatives.

Our collection of accessories for pizza ovens

Vitcas offers all the pizza oven utensils that you may need for cooking in your pizza oven such as pizza peels for inserting and taking out pizza dough with multiple ingredients on it, thermometers for tracking the oven temperature, steel and cast iron oven doors, grill basket, pizza pans, chimney flue with cowl and damper, oven brush for cleaning and heat resistant gloves.

We also supply insulation materials such as our insulating oven plinths and oven wire to reinforce the ceramic fibre blanket on top of your pizza oven.

These bread and pizza oven tools will be perfect for aiding you in cooking delicious foods in your outdoor garden wood fired oven.

Make your pizza-making process easier thanks to Vitcas pizza oven accessories and prepare great pizza surprising everyone with your remarkable cooking skills.

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  1. Pizza Oven Wire Mesh

    Vitcas Wire/ Mesh Netting for reinforcing bread and pizza ovens. Its hexagonal structure allows the ceramic fibre insulation blanket to stay in position, tightly sticking to the fire bricks and providing a base for the next layer of material. Also prevents cracking of outdoor oven cement which goes on top of it.

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £29.99
  2. Pizza Oven Peel 48" long overall

    Aluminium blade pizza-bread oven peel with wooden handle for placing and retrieving the food in the wood burning outdoor oven. It is a safer method of inserting and taking out hot food like bread, pizza, casseroles, meats, fish, etc. from a wood fired oven. Has a wooden handle to maximise safety.

    Special Price £29.99 £24.99 Regular Price £41.99
  3. Wooden Pizza Peel 12" Blade

    Vitcas Wooden Pizza Oven Peel  is for easily and safely inserting and retrieving bread, pizza and other hot foods to and from a wood burning outdoor bread/ pizza oven or grill. The wooden peel makes it very safe for you to adjust the food during the transporting as it does not conduct heat quickly.

    Special Price £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  4. Pizza Oven Brush & Scraper

    Vitcas Pizza Oven Brush Scraper is for cleaning wood burning garden bread/ pizza ovens.  Comes with a 10" wide brush head and a 40" hardwood, metal tipped handle. The hardwood handle has low heat conductivity so it is safe. Further the rigid brush head helps to optimise your cleaning experience.

    Special Price £47.99 £39.99 Regular Price £59.99
  5. Vitcas Wood Fired Oven-Plinth 1000mm

    Vitcas Insulating Concrete Plinth for Wood Burning Pompeii Bread/Pizza Ovens- 1000mm wide. Raises the  wood fired bread and pizza oven to a more practical height which suits you personally. Additionally it acts as a concrete base for your oven. 

    Special Price £167.99 £139.99 Regular Price £240.00
  6. Vitcas Casa Pizza Oven-Plinth

    Vitcas Concrete Insulation Plinth for Casa Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Acts as a base for the wood burning Casa pizza oven and increases its height to be more practical to you. Can be used in both wood fired Casa and Double Casa bread/pizza ovens. 

    Special Price £71.99 £59.99 Regular Price £120.00
  7. Chimney Flue with Cowl and Damper

    Chimney Flue with Cowl and Damper is made for use with Vitcas wood burning outdoor pizza ovens. It has many uses such as reducing heat loss in chimneys, which means that heat remains in the oven longer and so you can use it cook multiple things without having to burn more wood.

    Special Price £95.99 £79.99 Regular Price £119.99
  8. Chimney Flue 90 Degree Bend

    Chimney Flue 90 Degree Bend is made from stainless steel and is used for extending chimney flue pipes in a 90 degrees direction. To prevent  excessive smoke being released near and around the oven. This is for outdoor, wood burning bread and pizza ovens.

    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £47.99
  9. Chimney Flue 45 Degree Bend

    Stainless steel 45 degree bend extends chimney flues in a 45 degree direction. It has a 100mm diameter which is compatible with a cowl & damper. The 45 degree bend needs to be used with a 1 metre extension pipe. It is for outdoor, wood fired pizza and bread ovens.

    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £47.99
  10. Chimney Flue Straight Pipe 1Mtr

    Chimney Flue Straight Section Extension Pipe 1 metre long is made from stainless steel. Can be used with our chimney flue bends, both 90 and 45 degree bends . It extends the flue pipes upwards. Specifically designed for outdoor, wood burning, bread and pizza ovens.

    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £47.99
  11. Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Gloves are ideal for use in high temperature applications such as bread and pizza ovens, multi-fuel stoves, fire pits, fireplaces, open fires and barbecues. They are made out of leather to ensure optimal protection against heat and fire, thus improving your experience of using them.

    Special Price £11.99 £9.99 Regular Price £24.00
  12. Probe-Oven Thermometer 0°C - 500°C

    Vitcas Pizza-Bread Oven Probe Thermometer is to be installed deep inside an oven. Suitable for indoor and outdoor bread and pizza ovens. The probe oven thermometer can withstand very high temperatures reaching 500°C / 932°F. It has an easy to read dial displaying °C and °F to maximise your cooking.

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £36.00
  13. Freestanding Oven Thermometer 0°C - 500°C

    VITCAS Bread-Pizza Oven Freestanding Thermometer withstands temperatures up to 500oC / 932oF. Ideal for wood fired bread/pizza ovens. For both outdoor and indoor ovens. It is easy to read and accurately tells the oven temperature to enable you to have the best cooking experience.

    Special Price £11.99 £9.99 Regular Price £23.99
  14. Door Oven Thermometer 0°C - 500°C

    Vitcas Pizza-Bread Oven Door Thermometer 500°C Wood Fired Bread and Pizza Oven Door Thermometer 500°C / 932°F

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £36.00
  15. Cast Iron Oven Glass Door with Thermometer

    Vitcas luxurious Cast Iron Pizza/ Bread Oven Doors have heat resistant glass & a built in thermometer with a dual display of both oC and oF. It is suitable for temperatures reaching 0-500oC/ 32-932oF. The heatproof glass comes in a mounting frame and there is a sliding air vent. Buy also a stove glass cleaner to remove soot and tar from oven doors

    Special Price £180.00 £150.00 Regular Price £358.80
  16. Outdoor Oven - Freestanding Metal Door

    A free standing, black metal oven door with a wooden handle for use in outdoor, wood fired, bread and pizza ovens. It comes with a complimentary bi-display thermometer, which is clear to read and gives accurate readings. The oven door has a very high temperature resistance up to 500oC/ 932oC.

    Special Price £71.99 £59.99 Regular Price £95.99
  17. Pizza Oven Tapered Pan 8" /204mm

    Pizza Oven Tapered Aluminium Pan for thin crust, round-shaped pizza, pies, casseroles and other similar delicacies. Has a 8" circumference and is 3/4" deep.

    Special Price £11.99 £9.99 Regular Price £17.99
  18. Pizza Oven Tapered Pan 12" /305mm

    Aluminium Pizza Oven Tapered Pan- 12" circumference and 3/4" deep. The perfect pan for making classic-style, thin-crust pizza in your Vitcas wood fired, outdoor pizza oven. The aluminium makes it very durable and is not prone to rusting.

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £23.99
  19. Pizza Oven Square Pan 10"

    Pizza Oven Square Pan used for a wide range of delicious dishes, such as Lasagne, Cannelloni, Mac & Cheese, Sicillian style pizza (which is square shaped) or Casserole.The pan has no seams and so is very hygienic and does not harbour bacteria. Its small radius also makes it very easy to clean.

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £23.99
  20. Grill Basket for Pizza/Bread Oven & BBQ

    Grill Basket for Pizza/ Bread Ovens and Barbeques is ideal for placing and retrieving food from a wood fired bread/pizza oven or a barbeque. Perfect for cooking an array of dishes- meat, vegetables and sea food. Makes cooking of smaller foods easier e.g. hot peppers and prawns, by having smaller gaps.

    Special Price £11.99 £9.99 Regular Price £17.99
  21. Fish Grill Basket for Pizza Ovens & BBQ

    Fish Grill Basket for Bread/Pizza Ovens & Barbeques- the ideal grill basket for cooking tasty fish and other delicious dishes. Used for inserting and retrieving fish and other foods from a wood fired bread/pizza oven or a barbecue grill, etc. Perfect for both external and interior use.

    Special Price £11.99 £9.99 Regular Price £17.99
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