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An extensive range of superior quality Vitcas products for creating the perfect fireplace in any style which you may choose, whether it be Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco or modern.

What distinguishes an open fireplace?

This specific type of fireplace has an open recess in the walls and in the base of the chimney where the fire is built. It can either be wood burning or the combustion can be created by any other solid fuel such as coal. The fireplace surround can be made from stone, brick or steel.

Cosy atmosphere

There is nothing quite like the sound of crackling fire on those chilly, dark evenings in the winter months when all you want to do is just curl up by the warmth of the fire and watch the flames dance around. With our products, this fantasy can become reality.

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  1. FR - Fireplace Render

    Fireproof Render is ideal for rendering brick, stone, concrete, and breeze block fireplaces and stoves. This base coat is designed to support the Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster finish coat. It withstands temperatures up to 1400°C / 2550°F.

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    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  2. VITCAS 6 Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves & Fireplaces

    VITCAS Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves and Fireplaces. Comes in a pack of 6 standard clay firebricks. Can be used in fireplaces, stoves, wood burning bread and pizza ovens and in barbeque grills. Rated for 1300°C- high temperature resistance.

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    Special Price £14.39 £11.99 Regular Price £23.99
  3. HPM - Heatproof Mortar

    VITCAS Heatproof Mortar is an air-setting refractory cement which is designed for indoor applications and can withstand temperatures up to 1400°C / 2552°F. The ready-mixed formula ensures strong adhesion and forms smoke and gas-tight joints.

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    Special Price £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  4. HPS - Heatproof Screed

    Fireproof Screed, a cement-like product, is resistant to 1400°C / 2550°F. For interior and exterior use. Its function is for Screeding Masonry and making replacement fire bricks for Kilns, Fireplaces, Barbeques and Pizza Ovens. Protects vulnerable materials, which are in danger of being damaged by high heat exposure.

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    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  5. BFC - Black Fire Cement 1250°C

    Black fire cement for domestic and commercial applications on fire bricks, fire grates, flue pipes, flue bricks, boilers and other applications subject to extreme heat. Offers excellent adhesion to fire bricks, block work, stone and clay ware. Resistant to 1250 C.

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    Special Price £3.59 £2.99 Regular Price £5.99
  6. VITCAS Premium Fire Cement

    Vitcas Fire Cement-Ready Mixed Rated to 1250°C / 2280°F For patching and repair fire bricks, fireplaces, solid fuel ovens, range cookers, boilers and central heating systems.

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    As low as £2.39 £1.99 Regular Price £3.11
  7. BLACK Fire Cement - VITCAS Fire Cement

    BLACK Fire Cement formulated specifically for patching and repairs to firebricks, fireplaces, solid fuel ovens and boilers. Resistant to 1250ºC / 2280°F

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    As low as £3.11 £2.59 Regular Price £4.19
  8. CFC - Chimney & Flue Cleaner

    Vitcas® CFC Chimney and Flue Cleaner is an excellent cleaning product for eliminating creosote, soot and tar deposits from chimneys and flue linings. Can even be used on stainless steel flexible flue liners. Can also prevent chimney fires. For maximum effect, use 2-4 scoops of the cleaner twice each week.

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    Special Price £9.59 £7.99 Regular Price £15.59
  9. Heat Resistant Concrete Fireback

    Heat Resistant Concrete Fireback. A refractory fireback to be used on the wall behind a fireplace. Dimensions: 16" (400mm) nominal and 18" (460mm) nominal. If there are any open spaces left behind the fireback, they can be filled in using the Vitcas Vermiculite Insulating Cement.

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    As low as £82.80 £69.00 Regular Price £120.00
  10. Heat Resistant Fireback Lintel

    VITCAS Heat Resistant Fireback Lintel. 16" (400mm) and 18”(460mm). For use in open fireplaces. Helps the fireplace to retain more heat in the room, stops carbon monoxide from forming and also acts as a decorative addition to a fireplace. Use together with Vitcas Heat Resistant Firebacks.

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    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £60.00
  11. Glass Fibre Lagging Rope

    Fibreglass Lagging Fire Rope- Stove Fire Rope Seal Lagging Rope. Available in diameters from 20mm to 50mm. Rates to 550oC. Has good thermal insulation and resistance against chemicals, oils and solvents, which makes it ideal for wrapping around flue pipes and hot pipes.

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    As low as £3.00 £2.50 Regular Price £6.00
  12. Heat Resistant SILICONE 315°C

    VITCAS High Temperature Silicone is a flexible sealant designed to withstand high temperatures up to 315ºC. It is perfect for joints in contact with high temperatures, such as flues, ovens, gaskets, stoves, boilers, and more. Heat Resistant silicone sealant provides excellent adhesion to most building materials, ensuring a strong and durable bond.

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    Special Price £5.99 £4.99 Regular Price £11.99
  13. MF - Mouldable Firebrick

    Firebrick Replacement Material. Vitcas Mouldable Firebrick is a specially formulated blend of high quality refractory (heat resistant) aggregates and bonding fire clay, resulting in a product which can be moulded into any shape to replace ordinary firebrick.

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    Special Price £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  14. VIC - Vermiculite Insulating Cement

    Vitcas Vermiculite Insulating Cement is a non-combustible, pre-mixed lightweight aggregate cement mix. Used for backing insulation and non-structural infill. Suitable for filling in gaps between firebacks and fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces and outdoor pizza ovens.

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    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  15. HRTA - Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive 1000°C

    Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive in Cartridge packaging to ensure easy use and application. Vitcas Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive should be used for fixing tiles in areas subject to high temperatures, such as fire surrounds, behind boilers, ranges, cookers and radiators.

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    Special Price £3.59 £2.99 Regular Price £8.99
  16. HRTA - Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive, a ready-to-use tile cement, specially engineered for high-temperature conditions. This adhesive guarantees exceptional long-term tile retention where traditional tile cements falter. Featuring excellent bonding properties and a heat resistance rated up to 1000ºC, this ensures an easy and reliable solution for all your high-temperature tiling needs.

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    Special Price £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £43.19
  17. HRG - Heat Resistant Grout

    VITCAS Heat Resistant Tile Grout. For grouting tiles which have been fixed with VITCAS Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive. Resistant to 1000°C. The tile grout fills in the gaps around tiles in a high temperature setting such as a fireplace, a tiled stove, or on the back wall of a range cooker.

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    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
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