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There is nothing quite like relaxing by the fireplace after a long day of hard work. With Vitcas products, you will be able to build your own wood-burning fireplace, which will not only please the eye, but will also heat the room long after the fire has expired. In our shop you will find the highest quality firebacks to be used in combination with our finest precast lintels. Together they help create an open Victorian-style fireplace- the perfect addition to your living room.

Fireplace inserts, firebacks and lintels

Accumulation open fireplace insert

The fireplace insert is an accumulation mass that catches the excess heat generated during wood combustion and gives it back after the furnace is extinguished. With the use of specialised materials, the fireplace remains warm for several hours after the wood has burnt out. Firebacks are available and ready to use as a single piece element.


A great addition to concrete fireplace inserts are lintels, which, apart from their decorative appearance, help to collect more heat and prevent the formation of carbon oxides during combustion. They can be used in open fireplaces.

Find out more about our range of heat resistant materials for building stoves, open fireplaces and bread and pizza ovens.

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  1. Heat Resistant Concrete Fireback

    Heat Resistant Concrete Fireback. A refractory fireback to be used on the wall behind a fireplace. Dimensions: 16" (400mm) nominal and 18" (460mm) nominal. If there are any open spaces left behind the fireback, they can be filled in using the Vitcas Vermiculite Insulating Cement.

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  2. Heat Resistant Fireback Lintel

    VITCAS Heat Resistant Fireback Lintel. 16" (400mm) and 18”(460mm). For use in open fireplaces. Helps the fireplace to retain more heat in the room, stops carbon monoxide from forming and also acts as a decorative addition to a fireplace. Use together with Vitcas Heat Resistant Firebacks.

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