Insulation Fire Bricks

Insulation firebricks, also known as insulation bricks, are a different class of refractory. They are made from high purity refractory clay which gives them insulative properties and other characteristics, making them ideal for an array of applications. 


  • More lightweight and less dense than fireclay bricks
  • Provide superior insulation to dense firebricks (though structurally are weaker)
  • Low thermal mass and hence are suitable for applications where heat storage is undesirable


  • Chimney linings
  • Hot-face linings within ceramic kilns
  • Forges
  • Brazing hearths
  • Heat treatment furnaces
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  1. Insulating Fire Bricks-Vitcas Grade 23 - 2300°F/ 1260°C

    Vitcas Insulation Firebricks- Grade 23. Resistant to a high temperature of 1260oC / 2300oF. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. Ideal for situations where heat storage properties are not desired, and for insulating in different refractories- ceramic kilns, furnaces, flues and other high temperature industrila equipment.

    Special Price £2.76 £2.30 Regular Price £7.19
  2. Insulating Fire Bricks-Vitcas Grade 26 2600°F/ 1430°C

    Vitcas Insulation Fire Bricks- Grade 26. Resistant to 1430oC (2600oF). Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. The insulating firebricks can be used in a variety of high temperature industrial applications, such as in insulating refractories- gas producers, kilns, furnaces and stress relieving furnaces.

    Special Price £3.35 £2.79 Regular Price £8.39
  3. Insulating Fire Bricks-Vitcas Grade 28 -2800°F/ 1530°C

    Vitcas Insulation Firebricks- Grade 28. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. Resistant to 1530oC / 2800oF. The lightweight insulating fire bricks can be used in different industrial applications such as in lining ceramic kilns and furnaces, in areas that are not in contact with molten materials, etc. 

    Special Price £4.56 £3.80 Regular Price £9.59
  4. Insulating Fire Bricks-Vitcas Grade 30 -3000°F/ 1650°C

    Vitcas Insulation Firebricks- Grade 30. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. Rates at 1650oC / 3000oF. The lightweight insulation fire bricks can be used for industrial applications such as in hot blast stoves, as primary hot face linings, for back up insulation for kilns and furnaces and for flue insulation.

    Special Price £5.88 £4.90 Regular Price £11.94
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