Pipe Jointing Compound

The range consists of materials meant for the primary purpose of thread sealing on metal-to-metal joints. They can be utilised in industrial applications such as gas, water and steam pipelines, as well as in domestic plumbing. The two products which are supplied are the White Pipe Jointing Compound and the PTFE liquid- Anaerobic Pipe Jointing Sealant.

Gas and Water Jointing compound

The white jointing compound essentially acts as a sealant. The airtight seal on the threaded ends of pipes provided by the pipe jointing compound prevents leaks from occurring in natural gas or water systems. 

Anaerobic pipe thread sealant

The PTFE liquid has an anaerobic component which gives it low-pressure instant sealing properties. It can withstand temperatures reaching 150°C and it cures rapidly when there is an absence of air between metal surfaces.

How to make a watertight seal

Clean the Threads: Before applying pipe joint compound or tape to any pipe, it is important to make sure the threads are clean and free of dirt, grease, or buildup. If the threads are made of metal, carefully use a wire brush or compressed air to get rid of any grime. For PVC threads, try to scrape away any residue with a small flat-head screwdriver and then use a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol to break down any remaining gunk. Finally, ensure that the threads are completely dry before moving on.

Coat Evenly: When using pipe joint compound, apply an even layer to the male pipe's end threads (the end that goes into the other pipe) with either the applicator brush or a finger. Make sure not to spread the compound inside the pipes and collect whatever got inside before closing the pipe connection.

Thread Pipes: After this, one should screw the pipe into the fitting. It is essential to be careful to not twist it in the wrong direction, as this could harm the threads. Many plumbers put a thin coating of pipe joint compound over plumber's tape to ensure a perfect fit in any threaded connections that contain water. Do not overtighten or twist the connections too much. For larger connections, use a wrench, and for smaller ones, your fingers. Once you have done that, give the joint one or two extra turns, but do not keep on turning them as it can damage the threads or cause the fitting to expand, thereby compromising the seal.

Wipe Away Extra Compound: Take a clean cloth and remove any additional plumber's putty from the joints. It does not require any waiting period.

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  1. White Pipe Jointing Compound

    VITCAS® White Pipe Jointing Compound 400g is a non-hardening material for creating an airtight seal in pipe threads in plumbing. Prevents water leaks in natural gas and water systems. Conforms to BS EN 751-2:1997 and to BS6956 Part 5: 1992.

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  2. PTFE Liquid - Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealant

    Vitcas® Liquid PTFE is an anaerobic single component product suitable to seal metal threaded joints. The product provides instant low-pressure sealing and cures spontaneously and rapidly when confined in absence of air between close metal surfaces.

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