Central Heating Water Treatment

The Central Heating system requires various materials for its effective maintenance. The more that is done to maintain it, the higher the efficiency of the system.

Heating Inhibitor Protection and Cleaning

The central heating system needs a regular clean with our Central Heating Cleaner to ensure that it is operating smoothly free from interference of sludge and dirt.

Our Boiler Noise Silencer will also help to improve the service life of the boiler by reducing the limescale and sludge deposits which decrease heat transfer. The Noise Silencer, as the name suggests, also works to reduce the noise resulting from the kettling and knocking. This product can remain in the system for the entire life of the system.

The system also requires System Inhibitor which is used annually in order to protect the boiler against the formation of limescale, corrosion and sludge. This product protects components like heat exchangers and radiators, inhibits corrosion of metals especially aluminium, maintains neutral pH levels of the system water which safeguards the components from corrosion and extends the life of the boiler.

Sealing leaks

The Internal Leak Sealer is the best for fixing inaccesable leaks and weeping joints and solving pressure loss issues. This product is easy to use which means that you can avoid expensive repairs as you can carry them out yourself.

More advice on how to fix boiler leaks can be found in our article:Is your Boiler Leaking? How to Find and Fix Leaks

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  1. Central Heating System INHIBITOR

    Vitcas®Central Heating System Inhibitor Protects against corrosion and limescale formation to maintain system efficiency. Suitable for mixed metal systems including aluminium. Inhibitor is available as 1 litre of liquid or in concentrated form in 310ml cartridge

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    Vitcas® Central Heating Boiler Noise Silencer is a non-acid boiler descaler which stays in the system for life; no need to flush. Noise Silencer is compatible with plastic tanks, microbore and all metals (including aluminium) used in central heating systems

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    As low as £7.19 £5.99 Regular Price £19.19
  3. Central Heating System CLEANER

    Vitcas® Central Heating System Cleaner and Sludge Remover will remove commissioning and flux residues from new systems and restore circulation to old systems which suffer from sludge. System Cleaner should also be used when components are replaced or existing systems are extended.

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    As low as £7.19 £5.99 Regular Price £19.19
  4. CH-LS-Central Heating LEAK SEALER

    Central Heating Internal Leak Sealer - Seals inaccessible leaks and weeping joints in central heating systems. The unique sealing efficiency of Vitcas® Internal Leak Sealer makes it compatible with plastic tanks, micro bore, underfloor systems, all metals including aluminium used in central heating systems and vulnerable system components (such as safety devices).

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    As low as £7.19 £5.99 Regular Price £19.19
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