Packing Ropes

Vitcas provides a superior quality range of square and rectangular ropes, which are harder and stronger than their round equivalents and hence are suitable for more demanding environments.

Ceramic fibre

Our ceramic fibre packing ropes come in two forms- square and rectangular. Both can withstand temperatures up to 1260oC. Our ceramic packing ropes can be used for applications such as in the petrochemicals industry, ceramic kilns, power stations and shipyards.

Glass fibre

Our glass fibre square packing rope is resistant to 550°C and is suitable for gasketing and sealing in furnaces, boilers and ovens, as well as having insulation properties.

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  1. Square Glass Fibre Packing Rope

    VITCAS Square Glass Fibre Thermal Rope. In sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm.  Vitcas square ropes are widely used in boilers, ovens and furnaces on the door seals, in order to provide thermal insulation, as well as for sealing and gasketing applications.

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  2. Ceramic Fiber Square Packing,SS 30x30mm

    Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Square Packing Ropes are resistant to temperatures reaching 1260°C. Suitable for use in high strength, high temperature industrial applications such as in power stations, petrochemical plants and kilns in foundries. Also can be used for sealing in oven doors etc.

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    Special Price £10.79 £8.99 Regular Price £18.00
  3. Ceramic Fiber Rectangular Packing,SS 40mmX20mm

    Ceramic Fibre Rectangular Packing Ropes are manufactured from finest quality refractory materials. They are resistant to 1260oC. The packing ropes can be used to seal doors in ovens, boilers and furnaces, as well as be used in ceramic kilns in foundries, in shipyards and in petrochemical plants.

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    Special Price £10.68 £8.90 Regular Price £14.40
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