Vermiculite Insulation

Vitcas' very own large, exfoliated, granular sized Vermiculite for use as a high temperature insulation in an enclosed space. This category also includes our exceptional vermiculite fire bricks.

Vermiculite embers

Vermiculite granules are rated at 1100oC and they are characterised by their heat expansion properties, good insulation, low thermal conductivity and ability to store moisture. Vermiculite is available in a larger pack in loose form for a variety of applications such as insulating behind firebacks, insulation of pipes and acoustic insulation in walls, or as a smaller pack specifically for use in gas fires.

Vermiculite fire bricks

The vermiculite bricks withstand temperatures reaching 1000oC, do not conduct heat and are insulating. They are also very easy to saw, drill or sand.

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  1. Vermiculite Loose Insulation

    Loose Vermiculite in a 100 Litre Bag. It is a thermal insulation material and can resist high temperatures up to 1100oC. Vermiculite is lightweight and has fire resistance properties. These special properties make vermiculite suitable for pipe insulation among other applications.

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  2. Gas Fire Ember Pack

    Vitcas Vermiculite Gas Fire Ember Pack is a pack of small crushed vermiculite granules. The vermiculite can withstand temperatures reaching 1100oC. Due to its properties such as low thermal conductivity, heat resistance and moisture storage, it is ideal for being the base in gas fire burners. 

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  3. Vermiculite Fire Bricks

    Vermiculite Fire Bricks are a set of 6 fire-resistant bricks made from natural minerals. Measuring 200 x 90 x 25mm (7.8" x 3.5" x 1") each, these bricks have low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency and can be sawn, drilled, and sanded to fit any fireplace or wood-burning stove. Perfect for creating a heat-resistant barrier that contains heat and prevents damage to the surrounding area.

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