High Temperature Fabrics

The Vitcas range of high temperature textiles includes cloths, needled felt and sewing yarns designed to withstand exceptionally high temperatures ranging from 550oC-1260oC. These different fabrics have natural surface finishes or are coated with aluminium foil, vermiculite or graphite. 

Highest temperature fabrics

At the higher end of the spectrum, we have cloths made of graphite coated fibreglass, vermiculite coated glass fibre, silica fibre, vermiculite coated silica fibre, ceramic fibre and acrylic coated fibreglass mesh. All of these withstand heat up to 1000oC. Some of the applications they are used for include:

  • Protective wear against molten metal splashes in metallurgical industry
  • Heat resistant curtains in furnace doors
  • High temperature debris and dust collection filters
  • Fire protective wear for fire fighters

More high temperature textiles

At the lower end of the spectrum (though 180-750oC is by no means low temperature!), we have fabrics made out of polyurethane coated fiberglass, neoprene coated fiberglass, calcium silicate, acrylic coated fiberglass (including blue acrylic) and silicone coated glass fibre, just to name a few. These textiles serve a variety of applications including:

  • Insulating expansion joints
  • Fire and insulation blankets
  • Fire curtains and doors
  • Marine industry
  • Fire protective wear
To learn more, read our article on the uses and applications of high temperature textiles.
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  1. E-Glass Fiberglass Cloth Loomstate

    Fiber Glass Loomstate Cloth 550oC. This is the most flexible cloth with a temperature resistance of up to 550oC contnuous working temp. Due to its flexibility, it can be used for curtains, drapes and blankets or any other materials which hang or drape. Non-combustible and has high mechanical strength.

    As low as £12.00 £10.00 Regular Price £24.00
  2. Polyurethane PU Coated Fiberglass Cloth

    PU Polyurethane Coated Glass Fibre SMOKE Cloth is halogen free, impermeable to gases, and has high stability. In addition it is also fire proof and has a temperature resistance of up to 600oC short duration working temperature. Can be used in fire and smoke applications.

    Special Price £8.40 £7.00 Regular Price £12.00
  3. Silicone Coated Glass Fibre Cloth

    Silicone Coating Glass Fibre Cloth is coated with silicone on both sides. This gives it high water repellence, abrasion and chemical resistance, which makes it suitable for applications in fire doors and insulation jackets. Resistant to high temperatures.

    As low as £14.40 £12.00 Regular Price £24.00
  4. Neoprene Coated Fiberglass Cloth

    Neoprene Coated Glass Fibre Cloth has impressively high endurance, resistance to oil spills and corrosion, and a temperature resistance of up to 180oC short term working temperature. In addition, it is also weather proof, and has many applications in e.g. binding pipes and industrial fire screens.

    Special Price £10.80 £9.00 Regular Price £21.60
  5. Calcium Silicate Cloth

    Vitcas Calcium Silicate Cloth is resistant up to 750oC short term working temperature. It is also resistant to abrasion, chemical and oil spills, and is water repellent and weather proof. This makes it perfect for applications such as flexible expansion joints.

    Special Price £18.00 £15.00 Regular Price £24.00
  6. Heat Treated Fiberglass Cloth with Wire

    Heat Treated Fiberglass Cloth with Wire has a short duration working temperature of 600°C. It has many useful characteristics which cause it to have a variety of applications. The heat treated glass fibre cloth is resistant to abrasion, chemical and oil spills, repellent to water and is weather proof.

    As low as £24.00 £20.00 Regular Price £32.40
  7. Blue Acrylic Coated 2 Sides Fibreglass Cloth

    Blue Acrylic Coated Cloth is coated in acrylic on both sides, thus increasing its abrasion resistance. Due to its rigidness, insulation and abrasion resistance properties, it is ideal for insulation jackets, insulating in expansion joints and in seals.

    Special Price £9.60 £8.00 Regular Price £12.00
  8. Acrylic Coated Glass Fibre Fabric

    Acrylic Coated Fibreglass Cloth is coated with acrylic which makes it a more rigid cloth with a high temperature resistance of up to 550oC continuous working temperature/ 600oC temporary working temp. It has an excellent abrasion resistance too. Dimensions: 0.45mm x 1Mtr.

    Special Price £7.20 £6.00 Regular Price £12.00
  9. Aluminium Foil / E-Glass Fiberglass Cloth

    Aluminium Foiled Glass Fibre Cloth is available in 0.45mm or 1.5mm thickness. Aluminium foiling reduces fraying. The fibreglass reduces loss of heat.  Applications include making protective items such as covers and gloves across different industries working at 550oC / 1020oF. 

    As low as £7.20 £6.00 Regular Price £12.00
  10. Graphite Coated Fiberglass Cloth 1000°C

    Graphite Fiberglass Cloth. Incorporating graphite with the glass fibre increases the short term temperature resistance to 1000oC short-duration working temperature/ 800oC continuous working temp. Has excellent abrasion resistance. Suitable for making heat proof quilts and welding defenders.

    Special Price £24.00 £20.00 Regular Price £36.00
  11. Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Cloth 1000°C

    Vermiculite Coated Fibreglass Cloth. The addition of vermiculite to glass fibres improves the temperature resistance of the cloth up to 1000oC short term working temp and 550oC continuous working temp. It is resistant even against direct flame so is ideal for curtains in furnace doors.

    Special Price £24.00 £20.00 Regular Price £36.00
  12. Silica Fibre Cloth 1000°C

    Vitcas Silica Cloth is manufactured from silica fibres with a satin weave. Resistant to 1000oC. Has high temperature resistance so is ideal for fire fighting gear such as fireproof garments and for filtering of molten metals in high temperatures.

    As low as £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £24.00
  13. Vermiculite Coated Silica Fibre Cloth 1000°C

    Vitcas Silica Fibre Cloth is manufactured from vermiculite coated silica fibres with a satin weave. Resistant to 1100oC continuous working temperature so perfect for fire fighting equipment. Excellent for filtration of molten metals and high temperature dust. Great abrasion resistance.

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £30.00
  14. Ceramic Fibre Cloth 2mm 1000°C

    Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Cloth can withstand high temperatures reaching 1100oC, making it perfect for use in splash protection in the metallurgical industry, for collection of high temperature debris and in heatproof curtains in furnace doors. It is chemical resistant and also bio degradable.

    Special Price £15.59 £12.99 Regular Price £23.99
  15. Acrylic Coated Fibre glass Mesh - Structural Reinforcement

    Vitcas Mesh Fabric for use in fireplace construction with heat accumulation boards or construction insulation boards. The mesh fabric has acrylic resin so it offers water protection, high flexibility, has age resistance and is also resistant to alkalis. 

    Special Price £2.40 £2.00 Regular Price £4.80
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