Silica Fibre Cloth 1000°C

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Vitcas Silica Cloth is manufactured from silica fibres with a satin weave. Resistant to 1000oC. Has high temperature resistance so is ideal for fire fighting gear such as fireproof garments and for filtering of molten metals in high temperatures.

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Vitcas Silica Cloth is an exceptional product manufactured using a satin weave from premium quality silica fibers. Designed to withstand extreme heat and demanding conditions, this cloth offers remarkable performance in a variety of applications. With a high maximum continuous service temperature of 1,000°C /1,800°F, outstanding abrasion resistance, and impressive tensile strength, Vitcas Silica Cloth is the ideal choice for industries requiring reliable and durable materials.


  • Exceptional Heat Resistance: With a maximum continuous working temperature of 1,000°C /1,800°F, Vitcas Silica Cloth ensures reliable performance even in the most extreme high-temperature environments.
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance: The cloth's high abrasion resistance guarantees long-lasting durability, making it an excellent choice for applications that involve constant wear and friction.
  • Impressive Tensile Strength: Vitcas Silica Cloth boasts high tensile strength, ensuring it can withstand heavy loads and maintain structural integrity even under challenging conditions.
  • Highly Flexible: Despite its robust nature, this cloth remains highly flexible, enabling easy handling and installation in various applications.


  • Filtration of Molten Metals: Vitcas Silica Cloth is an excellent choice for filtration systems used in the processing of molten metals. Its heat resistance and filtration properties make it effective in capturing impurities and ensuring the purity of the final product.
  • High-Temperature Dust Collection Filters: The exceptional heat resistance of Vitcas Silica Cloth makes it ideal for use in high-temperature dust collection systems. It effectively captures fine particles and prevents their release into the surrounding environment, ensuring a clean and safe workspace.
  • Firefighting Equipment (e.g., Fireproof Wear): Vitcas Silica Cloth finds its application in fire fighting equipment, particularly in the production of fireproof wear. The cloth's high temperature resistance and durability make it suitable for manufacturing flame-resistant clothing, providing essential protection for firefighters and other professionals working in hazardous environments.
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Product GroupTextiles
Temperature1000°C /1830°F
Width (mm)910
MaterialSilica Fibre
HS Tariff Code7019590090
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Product Q&A
Hello 1. Is this product good for insulation (keeping heat away?). 2. Is it apt for direct contact with human skin? 3. Is there a distributor of this product near or in Basel, Switzerland? 4. If not, would it be it possible to have it delivered ? How long would it take and how much would it cost? Greetings,
Silica Fibre Cloth is not an insulator, it is too thin. It is designed for high temperature applications, but not as an insulator. For specific enquiries as to shipping costs, please email [email protected].
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