Zircon Refractories

Vitcas supplies an array of zircon-based products including protective coatings, refractory castables, and ram and repair renders. 

Characteristics of Zircon

Zircon is known to possess the exceptionally useful property of being non-wetting by molten metal and being non-stick for fluxes. Zircon also has a high melting point, a very low thermal expansion and good resistance to abrasion.

Our offer

Vitcas sells zircon-based materials such as Zircon Paint Coating which gives a protective coating to ceramic fibre linings, Zircon Patch which is used for repairs to silica, alumina and zircon refractories and Zircon Ram for linings in glass tanks and furnaces.

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  1. VITCAS Zircon Paint Coating 1750°C

    VITCAS Zircon Refractory Paint Coating. It has a creamy consistency and can be applied directly. For spray application, it has to be thinned with water. Its maximum service temperature is of 1750°C / 3180°F. For use on furnaces, ladles, ceramic fibre linings and refractories in contact with molten alloys and glass.

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    Special Price £47.99 £39.99 Regular Price £83.99
  2. Zircon Paint Coating-Dry Powder 1750°C

    Vitcas Zircon Paint Coating is supplied as a dry powder to be mixed with water. The zircon paint coating is resistant to temperatures up to 1750oC / 3182°F. It can be used in many industrial applications including in the aluminium industry, in alumina-silicate monolithic linings.

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    Special Price £59.99 £49.99 Regular Price £84.00
  3. Zircon Rapid + Liquid 1750°C

    Vitcas Zircon Rapid Setting Cement is resistant to high temperatures reaching 1750°C / 3180°F. It is a high quality refractory, zircon-based material which is of a semi-liquid, putty like texture and consistency. This makes it safe and easy to apply when repairing investment shells or element bedding.

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  4. Zircon Coil Plaster Castable 1750°C

    Vitcas Zircon Coil Plaster Castable can withstand high temperatures reaching 1750°C /3180°F. The zircon coil plaster castable is to be mixed with water to achieve a trowelling consistency. This makes it easier to apply in e.g. coating electric induction furnace coils, in order to protect from the heat of the furnace.

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    Special Price £71.99 £59.99 Regular Price £78.00
  5. Zircon Patch - Chemically Bonded Refractory Patching Mix

    Vitcas Zircon Patch is a high strength, chemically bonded material which resists high temperatures reaching 1750°C. It is a refractory patching mix that can be used for hot and cold repairs due to its high moisture content. The zircon-based patch can be used for repairing silica, zircon, alumina refractories.

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    Special Price £107.99 £89.99 Regular Price £108.00
  6. Zircon Ram - Chemically Bonded Refractory Ramming Mix

    Vitcas Zircon Ram is a zircon-based, chemically bound, refractory ramming mix. It is found in a semi-dry consistency with a 5% moisture content. The high strength zircon ram can be used in applications such as in the glass industry, specifically for lining glass tanks and furnaces. 

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    Special Price £107.99 £89.99 Regular Price £108.00
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