Replacement Fire Bricks

Vitcas provides a handy pack of fire bricks which can be easily used for replacement purposes in a wide range of applications. Every set contains 6 bricks.


  • We offer sets of fireclay and vermiculite bricks
  • High thermal resistance which ranges from 1000oC to 1300oC depending on which set you choose
  • Three dimensions to choose from
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Two colours available- black and beige/cream


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  1. VITCAS 6 Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves & Fireplaces

    VITCAS Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves & Fireplaces. Comes in a pack of 6 standard clay firebricks. Can be used in fireplaces, stoves, wood burning bread and pizza ovens and in barbeque grills. Rated for 1300oC- high temperature resistance.

    Special Price £14.39 £11.99 Regular Price £23.99
  2. VITCAS Fire Bricks-6 Black for Stoves & Fireplaces

    VITCAS Black Fire Bricks Replacement Pack of 6 decorative black clay fire bricks for barbeque grills, outdoor ovens, stoves and fireplaces. Coloured fire bricks have a high temperature rating up to 1200oC.

    Special Price £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £31.19
  3. Vermiculite Fire Bricks

    Vermiculite Fire Bricks are a set of 6 fire-resistant bricks made from natural minerals. Measuring 200 x 90 x 25mm (7.8" x 3.5" x 1") each, these bricks have low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency and can be sawn, drilled, and sanded to fit any fireplace or wood-burning stove. Perfect for creating a heat-resistant barrier that contains heat and prevents damage to the surrounding area.

    Special Price £14.40 £12.00 Regular Price £30.00
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