Freestanding Stove

Freestanding stoves are typically wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, gas or electric stoves, which are placed on some type of pedestal, a set of legs or a block base, without being attached to the wall.

Differentiating freestanding stoves and open fireplaces

The recess of a freestanding stove is not inside the wall like in the case of an open fireplace and the stove has a chimney flue pipe attached to it. 

Flexibility and versatility

Unlike an open fire, the freestanding model of a stove is highly desirable due to its ability to be placed anywhere in your home. Freestanding stoves can be positioned in any spot in your living room or kitchen and they are perfect for large, open plan living spaces. This versatility is unique to this type of stove and allows for higher levels of creativity in home design. 

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  1. BFC - Black Fire Cement 1250°C

    Black fire cement for domestic and commercial applications on fire bricks, fire grates, flue pipes, flue bricks, boilers and other applications subject to extreme heat. Offers excellent adhesion to fire bricks, block work, stone and clay ware. Resistant to 1250 C.

    Special Price £3.59 £2.99 Regular Price £5.99
  2. Black Stove Rope (2M) Pack

    Stove Rope Pack contains 2 metres of Vitcas Black Fire Rope. The rope is for sealing, jointing and gasketing, e.g. around and in your stove door, in jointing flue systems, or between the stove body and the door of the stove, or in the stove glass. Diameters range from 6mm to 12mm.  Resistant to 550oC.

    As low as £1.80 £1.50 Regular Price £3.60
  3. White Stove Rope 2m Pack

    Vitcas White Stove Rope Pack. Contains 2 metres of white fire rope. Available in diameters ranging from 3mm to 15mm. 

    As low as £1.68 £1.40 Regular Price £2.40
  4. Vermiculite Fire-proof Insulation -Brick Effect

    VITCAS Vermiculite Fire Resistant Insulation Board  with a Brick Pattern is resistant to 1100ºC (2010ºF). Vermiculite Fire Resistant Insulation Board is used as a head shield, register plate or as replacement fire bricks for wood burning or multi fuel stoves, fireplaces, and hobby kilns.

    As low as £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £71.99
  5. RA-Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive-Black

    Vitcas Stove Rope Seal Glue- High Temperature Rope Adhesive. A high temperature adhesive which can withstand  high temperatures and be used for securing thermal rope/tape and ceramic fibre seal. Can be used for wood fired or multi-fuel stoves, boilers and range cookers.

    As low as £3.00 £2.50 Regular Price £7.19
  6. Black Rope + Glue - Kit for Fireplaces and Stoves

    Vitcas Black Stove Rope Kit consisting of 2 metres of fire rope, black rope adhesive and protective gloves. Available in diameters ranging from 6mm to 12mm.

    As low as £5.40 £4.50 Regular Price £11.40
  7. Tape Black Self Adhesive

    Stove Glass Fibre Heat Resistant Tape with a self adhesive backing strip. Available in black and in sizes 15mm x 2mm and 10mm x 2mm. Has many applications, such as for the replacing of sealing and insulating of stove glass, pipe coating, metal work, window frames in wood and coal stoves, as well as in fireplaces.

    As low as £1.86 £1.55 Regular Price £3.60
  8. VITCAS 6 Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves & Fireplaces

    VITCAS Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves & Fireplaces. Comes in a pack of 6 standard clay firebricks. Can be used in fireplaces, stoves, wood burning bread and pizza ovens and in barbeque grills. Rated for 1300oC- high temperature resistance.

    Special Price £14.39 £11.99 Regular Price £23.99
  9. CFC - Chimney & Flue Cleaner

    Vitcas® CFC Chimney and Flue Cleaner is an excellent cleaning product for eliminating creosote, soot and tar deposits from chimneys and flue linings. Can even be used on stainless steel flexible flue liners. Can also prevent chimney fires. For maximum effect, use 2-4 scoops of the cleaner twice each week.

    Special Price £9.59 £7.99 Regular Price £15.59
  10. VITCAS Premium Fire Cement

    Vitcas Fire Cement-Ready Mixed Rated to 1250ºC. For patching and repair fire bricks, fireplaces, solid fuel ovens, range cookers, boilers and central heating systems.

    As low as £2.39 £1.99 Regular Price £3.11
  11. HRTA - Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive 1000°C

    Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive in Cartridge packaging to ensure easy use and application. Vitcas Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive should be used for fixing tiles in areas subject to high temperatures, such as fire surrounds, behind boilers, ranges, cookers and radiators.

    Special Price £3.59 £2.99 Regular Price £8.99
  12. Heat Resistant Spray Paint-BLACK

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Paint - High Temperature Paint Spray 400ml - Black. It can withstand high temperatures up to 800°C (1472°F). Heat Resistant Spray Paint for painting furnaces, heaters, barbecues, boilers, pipes and all types of equipment relating to high temperatures. 

    Special Price £8.39 £6.99 Regular Price £15.59
  13. HRTA - Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive, a ready-to-use tile cement, specially engineered for high-temperature conditions. This adhesive guarantees exceptional long-term tile retention where traditional tile cements falter. Featuring excellent bonding properties and a heat resistance rated up to 1000ºC, this ensures an easy and reliable solution for all your high-temperature tiling needs.

    Special Price £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £43.19
  14. PVA - Adhesive Sealer

    VITCAS PVA Adhesive Sealer is an emulsion primer that should be utilised in conjunction with VITCAS Heat Resistant Products. High viscosity, water resistant and rapid drying material. To be used on fireboards, tiles and surfaces.

    Special Price £8.39 £6.99 Regular Price £14.39
  15. High Temp Scrim Tape Plasterboard

    Heat Resistant Glass Fibre Plasterboard Scrim Tape is for use in conjunction with Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster. The fibreglass self-adhesive tape is for joints and internal corners between plasterboards. The joints have a tendency to crack so they need to be taped and plastered over to secure it. 

    Special Price £8.39 £6.99 Regular Price £11.99
  16. VITCAS Adhesive & Grout Spreader

    VITCAS Adhesive & Grout Spreader is for spreading of Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive, levelling and finishing. You can also use with other products which have a 3mm bed, such as Board Adhesive and Heatproof Mortar. Has a 6mm notched side for spreading adhesives and a rubber strip for grouting.

    Special Price £2.39 £1.99 Regular Price £4.79
  17. Vermiculite Fire Board Fire-proof Insulation

    Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board -Fire-proof Insulation VITCAS Fire-proof Insulation Board Refractory to 1100ºC (2010ºF). Vermiculite Fire Resistant Insulation board is used as head shield, register plates or replacement fire bricks for wood burning or multi fuel stoves.

    As low as £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £71.98
  18. Fire Rope White Soft

    Stove Fire Rope- White, Soft – a range of soft knitted fibre glass rope seals in diameters from 6mm to 25mm. Maximum service temperature of 550oC. For sealing and jointing in the flue systems of stoves, around stove doors and stove glass, and can also be used between stove panels.

    As low as £0.84 £0.70 Regular Price £1.20
  19. Ceramic Fibre Sealing Strip

    Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Sealing Strip. Available in white and in sizes 6x3mm or 10x4mm. Provides an airtight seal between the panels of the stoves, and between a stove door and the glass in a stove door. Also allows for expansion of the glass with the heat.  Resistant up to 1260oC.

    As low as £1.56 £1.30 Regular Price £3.12
  20. BLACK Fire Cement - VITCAS Fire Cement

    BLACK Fire Cement formulated specifically for patching and repairs to firebricks, fireplaces, solid fuel ovens and boilers. Resistant to 1250ºC

    As low as £3.11 £2.59 Regular Price £4.19
  21. HRS - Heat Resistant Sealant 1300°C

    VITCAS Heat Resistant Sealant is a high temperature sealing and caulking paste for use in fixing and jointing, as well as in providing fire protection. Vitcas Heat Resistant Sealant will withstand up to 1300°C. It is perfect for fixing and jointing ceramics, metals, silica, and glass surfaces.

    Special Price £9.59 £7.99 Regular Price £11.99
  22. Stove Glass Cleaner - Fireplace & BBQ

    NEW LARGER 650ml Bottle 30% Off. Quickly and efficiently removes soot, grease, tar and burnt on marks on glass surfaces of stoves and ovens. Gives glass a brilliant and lasting shine! 

    Special Price £5.99 £4.99 Regular Price £9.59
  23. Heat Resistant Spray Paint-CREAM/BEIGE

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Paint-High Temperature Paint Spray 400ml-Cream. Resistant to 800oC (1472 oF). High Temperature Spray Paint for painting furnaces, heaters, barbecues, boilers, pipes and all types of equipment relating to high temperatures.

    Special Price £8.39 £6.99 Regular Price £15.59
  24. Stove Glass Ladder Tape 25x2mm

    Stove Thermal Ladder Tape is used to secure and seal around stove glass, usually in a situation where the tape is required on both sides of the glass. Suitable in applications such as in stove glass, furnaces and metal panels.

    Special Price £1.86 £1.55 Regular Price £3.60
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