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VITCAS Heat Resistant Sealant is a high temperature sealing and caulking paste for use in fixing and jointing, as well as in providing fire protection. Vitcas Heat Resistant Sealant will withstand up to 1300°C. It is perfect for fixing and jointing ceramics, metals, silica, and glass surfaces.

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VITCAS Heat Resistant Sealant is a specialised sealant that can withstand high temperatures without losing its bond strength. Whether you need to fix or seal surfaces in extreme heat conditions, this sealant is the perfect solution. Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it ideal for use in a range of industrial and domestic applications. It comes as a caulking paste for use in fixing and jointing in ceramics, metals, silica and glass. The sealant also gives fire protection. Rates to 1300°C.


  • High-temperature sealant up to 1300°C
  • Comes in the form of caulking paste for easy application
  • Forms a strong and durable bond
  • Suitable for use in extreme heat conditions
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Provides a long-lasting solution
  • Ideal for use in ceramics, metals, silica, and glass
  • Provides fire protection


Vitcas Heat Resistant Sealant offers a versatile range of applications, making it suitable for both industrial and domestic settings. Some common uses include:

  • Sealing or fixing metal: The sealant's heat-resistant properties are particularly suitable for metal-to-metal applications, as it can endure the high temperatures often encountered in these environments. The sealant remains effective despite the thermal expansion and contraction metal components typically undergo when exposed to heat.

  • Bonding glass:This sealant is also ideal for glass-to-glass applications, thanks to its ability to resist high temperatures. It can accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction that glass materials experience under heat, ensuring a durable bond between glass components.

  • Pottery ceramic repairs: Vitcas Heat Resistant Sealant can be used for repairing pottery ceramics. If a ceramic piece develops cracks or chips, the sealant can be applied to the damaged areas before refiring the pottery. It helps provide a secure bond and enhances the durability of the repaired piece, preparing it for the glazing process.

  • Sealing other silica-based materials: The sealant is well-suited for sealing various silica-based materials such as firebricks, tiles, and refractory materials. It can effectively seal joints, gaps, and cracks in these materials, ensuring heat resistance and preventing heat loss or leakage.

  • Industrial and domestic applications: The versatility of Vitcas Heat Resistant Sealant makes it suitable for use in both industrial and domestic settings. It can be employed in a range of applications, including fireplaces, stoves, kilns, ovens, furnaces, and other high-temperature equipment.


  1. Ensure that the area you want to apply the sealant is clean and free from dirt, dust, rust, and grease.
  2. Cut off the top of the cartridge and screw on the nozzle. Cut the nozzle to the required size.
  3. Apply the sealant using a cartridge gun, aiming for a thin joint of 2 – 3mm.
  4. The material will set at room temperature, but the setting time will be reduced by applying heat, gradually increasing over a four-hour period.
  5. Once dry, the sealant can be sanded and over-painted.


More Information
Product GroupSealants
Coverage of cartridge

Coverage: A guide to the amount of the material contained in one 310ml cartridge

Bead dia.(mm)

Length approx. (metres)









Ready to UseYes
Temperature1300°C /2370°F
HS Tariff Code3816009000
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Product Q&A
Does the heat proof sealant remain bonded after reaching 330 deg C?
Yes - the heat resistant sealant will set and bond at any temperature up to 1300 degrees C which is its maximum temperature in service.
Can I use this on a hot plate for cooking
Yes, Heat Resistant Sealant is food safe, so may be used for this application.
Does this sealant remain flexible to allow for flexing due to temperature changes?
The Heat Resistant Sealant is suitable for any temperature changes not exceeding 1300oC.
Is this suitable to use inside a pizza oven where it will be in direct contact with naked flames?
The Heat Resistant Sealant is suitable for use inside a pizza oven for filing gaps.
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Ratings & Reviews

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