Gas Fires

A wide range of materials provided by Vitcas which will help you maintain any gas fireplace in your home. In our shop, you can find ember packs, Vermiculite fire board (used for Fire-proof Insulation) and pipe jointing compounds.

Benefits of a gas fireplace

A gas fire is very efficient as it has a high output and uses all the heat produced, without any waste. Moreover, it can take on many forms from being a freestanding stove to a built-in-the-wall fireplace. Another crucial element is its convenience- you can just switch the fireplace on and off, without having to undertake the more onerous task of starting a fire in a traditional fireplace.

Our materials

Our products are distinguished by their high quality. All of our materials are resistant to high temperatures and are very durable during exploitation. Those features are crucially important if you want your gas fire to stay safe and remain in good shape for a long time.

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  1. Vermiculite Fire Board Fire-proof Insulation

    Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board -Fire-proof Insulation VITCAS Fire-proof Insulation Board Refractory to 1100ºC (2010ºF). Vermiculite Fire Resistant Insulation board is used as head shield, register plates or replacement fire bricks for wood burning or multi fuel stoves.

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  2. Gas Fire Ember Pack

    Vitcas Vermiculite Gas Fire Ember Pack is a pack of small crushed vermiculite granules. The vermiculite can withstand temperatures reaching 1100oC. Due to its properties such as low thermal conductivity, heat resistance and moisture storage, it is ideal for being the base in gas fire burners. 

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  3. White Pipe Jointing Compound

    VITCAS® White Pipe Jointing Compound 400g is a non-hardening material for creating an airtight seal in pipe threads in plumbing. Prevents water leaks in natural gas and water systems. Conforms to BS EN 751-2:1997 and to BS6956 Part 5: 1992.

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