Insulation Construction Boards

Range of Vitcas insulation products for your Construction System, including Insulation Construction Board for Fireplaces, Board Primer, PVA Adhesive Sealer, Insulation Fixing Pack and Board Adhesive.

Why does insulation matter?

Insulation building materials are essential in both homes and industrial settings as they reduce heat transfer and thus improve overall efficiency. This is better for the environment as less energy is wasted.

Effective insulation reduces damage from heat to adjacent materials and reduces the need to use as much energy for heating, so it has economic benefits too.


  • Construction of fireplaces, firesides and cassette stoves where there was no pre-existing chimney breast 
  • Installing fireboards
  • Fixing tiles and bricks
  • Gap filling
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  1. VITCAS Fireplace Construction Board

    VITCAS CS Fireplace Construction Board is an insulation board resistant to 1100°C / 1830°F. Perfect for use in fireplaces, tiled stoves and corner firesides. Suitable where there is no pre-existing chimney breast or in the centre of a wall or the corner of a room. Simpler and quicker to install than ever before!

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  2. PVA - Adhesive Sealer

    VITCAS PVA Adhesive Sealer is an emulsion primer that should be utilised in conjunction with VITCAS Heat Resistant Products. High viscosity, water resistant and rapid drying material. To be used on fireboards, tiles and surfaces.

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    Vitcas HB60 is a hydraulic setting, heat resistant adhesive designed for fixing tiles, bricks and in the construction of stoves, pizza ovens, tiled stoves, grills and fireplaces. The adhesive can be used for gap filling as well and has a good working time.

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    As low as £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £35.99
  4. Insulation Fixing Pack

    Vitcas Fire Resistant Insulation Fixings come in a Pack of 6. They are used for fixing and installing Vitcas Vermiculite Fireboards or Fireplace Insulation Boards to masonry. The pack is practical because all the insulation fixings come collectively instead of having to purchase them all individually, hence saving money. 

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    As low as £17.99 £14.99 Regular Price £29.99
  5. BP- Board Primer

    Vitcas Board Primer is to be utilised on Vitcas Fireplace Construction Board. It is applied over the edges of the board in order to harden them and hence strengthen the board. Used prior to the application of Vitcas Board Adhesive. Very easy and quick in its application.

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