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Vitcas HB60 is a hydraulic setting, heat resistant adhesive designed for fixing tiles, bricks and in the construction of stoves, pizza ovens, tiled stoves, grills and fireplaces. The adhesive can be used for gap filling as well and has a good working time.

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Vitcas HB60 is a heat resistant adhesive designed for use in the construction of stoves, pizza ovens, tiled stoves and joining outdoor constructions, such as grills and fireplaces. It has a longer setting time which is easy to use and gives time to match elements.  Perfect to render over the mesh used on construction boards before the application of Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster. Ideal for use as a ‘dot and dab’ type adhesive with high temperature plasterboards, vermiculite boards and construction boards where the surface is not particularly flat. Heat-resistant to 750oC.


  • After opening the bucket, mix the contents.
  • Material should be mixed with cold tap water / approximately 200ml per kilo.
  • Mix in a clean, dry bucket using clean tools.
  • Surface should be clean, free of dust and residues of other materials.

The materials to be joined should be dry, except for plasterboards, vermiculite boards and construction boards which should be coated with Vitcas PVA before fixing.

Do not use old and hard mortar or mix with new!

After application do not correct the position of the board or tile to be fixed, if necessary remove the previous material and apply the mortar again.

Setting time depends on the amount of water added and the temperature but the minimum working time is one hour.
The shelf life depends on the time that the bucket is open; when the work is complete close the bucket tightly.
Keep any unused material dry and store in a cool, dry place away from children, pets and frost.

More Information
Product GroupAdhesives
CoverageDot & Dab - 10 Kg / 2m2 based on 25mm thick dots at 300mm centres
Temperature750°C /1380°F
Working Time / minutes60
Mix with waterYes
HS Tariff Code3816000000
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Product Q&A
Can this adhesive be used to secure your firebricks to stainless steel? I am building a bbq using a stainless steel table as the base, topped with VITCAS firebricks as a burning area. These in turn will be topped with a stainless steel frame on which the cooking grill will be mounted. Ideally this would also be secured to the firebricks using adhesive.
No, HB60 will not fix to bare metal. We recommend using Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive or Heatproof Mortar, but it cannot be wet.
Hi, I was wondering if you have a safety sheet for this product? Thank you.
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