Installing a TV over the Fireplace

Installing a TV over the Fireplace

Mounting a TV over a fireplace

You have to remember that as with several high-tech designs, this kind of pairing is bound to pose many challenges to you. Installing a television set, particularly a flat panel, over a fireplace is not a piece of cake for anyone. Be it an LCD TV or plasma one, the critical contention is the fireplace that gets centrally focused. You have to be conscious about the choices and the concerns that go with such an installation. This blog will address those issues and concerns of placing a TV above the fireplace.

Let us point out the path for you.

TV mounted above Fireplace with TV wall mount

Problems and concerns about the TV above a fireplace

Can heat from fireplace damage your flat screen?

Before you install the television set over the fireplace, there are some questions that you need to answer and then move forward. First, if the wood burning fireplace is used frequently, will the heat emanating from the logs of wood reach excessive levels to mar the functioning of your television set? It is not a major issue because all you have to do is to make sure that there is sufficient physical insulation for the wiring that gets located behind the wall and adjacent to that chimney will not get over-heated beyond the levels recommended by the manufacturer of the appliance.

Beware of condensing moisture

If you plan on burning fire while watching TV, it's important that the place you'll be hanging your TV doesn't exceed the recommended temperatures noted on the unit's technical specifications. Too much heat adversely affects a TV's lifespan and creates a situation that may void product warranties. To check the surface temperature, tape a thermometer onto the wall or fireplace face when a fire's blazing in the hearth. The major concern here is the combination of cool air with hot air which may be produced during certain periods of a day and you need to keep a watch on the moisture that may get to your wiring as it can result in a fire. It is always advisable to go for heat resistant wire products. The good idea is to mount a TV using special wall mounts. We will be able to adjust the viewing angle (matching the viewing experience to our needs and avoiding neck strain) and move the TV slightly away from the wall.

Installing a TV over the Fireplace

Take care of the thermal insulation of the wall

When you are doing up your interiors and you have not built the fireplace yet, the ideal solution would be to go for fire resistant boards that are manufactured by quality suppliers like Vitcas. These fireplace refractory panels have ultra high thermal resistance and they are a fine platform for reliable thermal insulation as well as mechanical stability. They can get processed easily with traditional woodworking tools. They are perfect for constructing fireplaces and in situations where there are no pre-existing chimney breasts. The fire resistant boards are also sealed together with heat resistant sealants, also manufactured by Vitcas. The resistance provided goes up to a limit of 1100 degrees centigrade. This could very well be your answer to all skepticism about placing that the TV over the fireplace.

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