Acrylic Coated Fibre glass Mesh - Structural Reinforcement

Vitcas Mesh Fabric for use in fireplace construction with heat accumulation boards or construction insulation boards. The mesh fabric has acrylic resin so it offers water protection, high flexibility, has age resistance and is also resistant to alkalis. 

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Fibre glass mesh

Glass fibre mesh fabric coated with acrylic resin with excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility and ageing resistance. The fabric is available on a roll for use as a support / reinforcement for HB60 Adhesive or Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster.

The fibre glass mesh, widely acclaimed for its robust qualities, serves as a critical component in construction projects, aiming to reinforce concrete and avoid wall cracking. This is particularly valuable even in scenarios where cracking is prevalent due to structural stress or environmental factors. Its highly tear-resistant nature ensures that it withstands rigorous demands, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Its multi-purpose use extends beyond basic reinforcement - it is ideal for insulated renders, providing added stability and longevity to structures. For those seeking further information about this indispensable construction aid, no special equipment is required for its application, simplifying the installation process. This mesh is an essential tool for enhancing the durability and integrity of a wide range of construction renders


Our fibre glass mesh has several features that make it suitable for use in construction. Its tensile strength, size consistency, elasticity, capillary action and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice for reinforcing concrete, screeds, plaster, and render. It is also used for wall insulation and is effective in minimizing cracking. This mesh is frequently used in wall reinforcement applications as external wall insulation systems.

Main pros of Vitcas fibreglass mesh:

  • water proof
  • alkali resistant
  • flexible
  • age resistant
  • excellent stability
  • prevents cracking


  • with fireplace construction insulation board
  • in conjunction with heat accumulation boards

Size: Mesh 5x5mm; 1m width

Versatile Vitcas Mesh Fabric - reinforcing structures with durability and eco-efficiency
Vitcas Mesh Fabric is not only a highly versatile product suitable for both internal and external applications, but it's also an excellent reinforcing material. Its composition includes glass fibre reinforcement and an acrylic acid copolymer liquid, which together provide good elasticity and high tensile strength. This makes it an ideal reinforcement for previously uneven masonry substrates, as it can reinforce walls and prevent cracking, even in areas prone to movement or settling. Furthermore, its high tear resistance and good dimensional stability make it a top choice for rendering applications, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance.

In addition to its structural benefits, the Vitcas Mesh Fabric is extremely economical and waste-free, catering to the needs of environmentally conscious customers. Whether used in the tile adhesives layout, mosaic wall reinforcement, or mechanically formed GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete), it proves to be a multi-purpose tool that enhances the integrity of various structures. Manufacturers recommend this mesh for its ease of use, as no special equipment is required for its application. This mesh ensures that structures, whether internal or external, are reinforced effectively, avoiding wall cracking and providing long-term stability.

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Product GroupTextiles
Width (mm)1000
MaterialGlass Fibre
HS Tariff Code7019630085
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Product Q&A
Hi can this glass fibre mesh be used for caravan roller blinds. Thanks
Glass Fibre Mesh is intended primarily for use in fireplaces, stoves and other high temperature applications.
Please what is the weight s m of this mat? Thank you
It weighs approx. 7 kg.
Is this product sticky so it will stick onto wood
Generally, fiberglass mesh does not go onto wood because it is rated for high temperature applications. But no, it is not self adhesive, when used on pizza ovens, it is stuck using ceramic fibre adhesive.
can i paint it ?
Yes, you could paint it with heat resistant spray paint.
Can this glass fibre mesh can be used for skim coat please
Yes, glass fibre mesh can be used as a skim coat.
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Ratings & Reviews

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