Build your own Pizza Oven

DIY Pizza Oven in your Garden

Venturing into the world of DIY pizza ovens can be a basic DIY project that takes you beyond your comfort zone and elevates your pizza game. Having your own pizza oven in your garden makes a great talking point and a good reason to invite friends over. Believe me or not - pizza cooked in such an oven tastes much more delicious. If you want to join in with the experience, you can buy complete new pizza ovens, build an oven from scratch or opt for the best of both worlds by incorporating specialist parts into your design. Using purpose made fire bricks and other refractory materials from Vitcas that are designed to withstand high temperatures will result in a more efficient and long lasting oven than using ordinary masonry products. No matter which method you choose, building a pizza oven by yourself will give you satisfaction and will create new opportunities to gather your friends and family around. The secret to achieving the perfect pizza in your DIY pizza oven lies in mastering the cooking time – it's all about finding that sweet spot for that crispy, golden crust. Prepare your own pizza oven and make the perfect pizza for your guests.

Below are the materials you need for building your garden oven for baking pizza.

Materials required to build the best pizza ovens / bread ovens

Vitcas provides all the materials that you might need when building garden wood-fired pizza oven. We also have for sale a Pizza Oven Kit containing the necessary materials to build a fire brick pizza oven of 1 m diameter.

This kit contains:

  • 280 fire bricks
  • 34 arch bricks
  • 5 packs of heatproof screed (100 kg)
  • 1 ceramic fibre board
  • 2 ceramic fibre blanket 50mm (2x3.66m = aprox. 7m long) 
  • 1 ceramic fibre adhesive 310ml
  • 1 wire mesh
  • 3 packs of outdoor oven cement (60 kg)

You will also need some additional materials and tools such as:

  • sharp sand (general purpose sand)
  • builders sand (for detailed work)
  • pieces of wood / foam / polystyrene for shaping the arch
  • spade
  • trowel for bricklaying
  • concrete, breeze block, house bricks, railway sleepers or wooden pallet for the base
  • trammel for shaping the doom

So let's start! 

Pizza oven tutorial - building wood burning oven from scratch

The base - solid foundations for wood fired pizza oven

Building a DIY pizza oven requires attention to detail, from carefully placing each small brick to making sure you have the right mix of refractory mortar. Depending on the location, you may need to start by laying a concrete foundation. Supports for your outdoor pizza oven can be made of concrete, breeze blocks, house bricks, or even old railway sleepers, but they must be strong and level, as the oven is going to be heavy. If you are using bricks or breeze blocks connect them together using cement. To ensure the stability of your DIY pizza oven, apply landscape adhesive generously to the small pieces of refractory mortar as you slowly build the oven's structure. In case of using wood elements screw the pieces together. Remember: plinth must be steady and withstand the weight of the whole wood-fired oven. An interesting solution is to prepare some free space in ovens plinth for storing logs. Thanks to this you always will have fuel to your pizza oven close at hand. On top of this, a first layer of bricks make up the oven base. The bricks should be laid flush to each other on a thin layer of sand a few inches thick to make the smooth and level surface. Prepared in that way the oven floor will serve as a place for cooking pizza and baking your food.

Tip: Make the oven floor from the best bricks you got. Choose those that do not have cavities and are perfectly even.

Materials required to build best pizza / bread oven

Vitcas provides all the materials that you might need when building garden wood-fired brick oven. We also have for sale a Pizza Oven Kit containing the necessary materials to build a diy pizza oven of approx. 1 m diameter. 

The Arch

For the arch which forms the opening of the oven, it is possible to buy a ready made one, or specially tapered firebricks which make the job easier than using rectangular bricks for the less experienced DIYer. Always use outdoor oven cement between the bricks or heat proof screed for larger gaps.

TIP: To make a perfect arch use the semi-circular sand mould and on it put brick by brick. You can use wooden or polystyrene template as well.

The Brick Dome

The simplest shape for the main dome of pizza ovens is a circle. This can be constructed by placing rings of bricks one on top of another without any need for support. If you want a barrel shaped dome, you need to construct a supporting structure for the brickwork or clay. This can be as straightforward as building up wet sand dome (something like sand castle) to create what will be the interior, or making a wooden support. For gaps larger than 10mm; such as the tapered gaps between bricks, Heatproof Screed should be used. Where the thickness is less than 10mm the Outdoor Oven Cement should be used.

TIP: Fine solutions is to use special trammel as well - You can see how it works on this animation 

Once the cement has set, remove the remaining sand.

If you want to have a chimney in your construction, you should leave a hole between doom and an arch - you can protect it with a round bucket the size of a chimney - or form a flue from clay.

The Door and Flue

To bake bread, put the loaf in the oven when the heat is residual and the fire has died down. Bread bakes in the residual heat of the oven after the fire has died. To keep the heat in, it is vital that the garden oven has a door. Wood fired ovens designed specifically for pizzas do not always have a door, because pizzas cook so quickly. But without sealing the oven and minimizing the heat loss, you will not cook bread properly. If you already have a garden wood-fired oven, you can buy cast iron doors separately or have one made to fit, and create a tight seal with fire rope and an appropriate adhesive. Insert a stainless steel chimney flue into the previously prepared hole.

It is important that the flue has an internal damper so you can close off the flue and keep the heat in.


How do you make your pizza oven more efficient? Good insulation is the key to obtaining an even temperature throughout the pizza oven's cooking area and not wasting heat to the outside. This starts at the top of the supported structure. You can buy ready made insulation concrete plinths or insulate under the base of the oven with a ceramic fibre board. Insulate the dome further with a layer of exterior cladding. This can be a thermal blanket made of ceramic fibre attached with a suitable adhesive, then chicken wire or another similar material to create a key for a thin (~10mm) covering of outdoor oven cement.

Now you know how to build your oven. What's next? Learn how to heat up a pizza oven properly, how long it takes and how to keep your oven clean. The following article will help with this: How To Use A Wood Fire Pizza Oven The Right Way.

Wood fired oven - pre-made or DIY pizza ovens?

With this small guide, the building process of garden wood fired ovens is not as hard as it looks. If you want to enjoy cooking and baking in the fresh air you definitely should try to make your own garden pizza oven.

Fire up your DIY pizza oven, ignite a small fire using small sticks to gradually fill the oven with the hot embers needed for that authentic, wood-fired flavor.

If you have no patience, check our premade outdoor wood-burning pizza ovens designed for domestic and commercial use- ready to use and easy to assemble. The article The BEST Pizza Ovens: A review will help you decide which outdoor pizza oven will be the best for you.

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    Vitcas Outdoor, Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit is filled with a range of all the Vitcas products you need for building your own wood burning pizza oven! 

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    Fire Bricks - VITCAS Refractory Fire Clay Bricks measuring 230x114x64mm. These high-temperature bricks are expertly designed for a variety of domestic applications, including fireplaces, circulators, stoves, pizza ovens and barbecue grills. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor pizza ovens, furnaces, and inserts, they offer reliable performance in any setting where heat resistance is key.

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    The Vitcas Oven Arch is a cast arch section from heat resistant concrete which is a perfect addition when constructing your very own wood fired pizza or bread oven. Ideal to be used in conjunction with our Vitcas fire bricks. For tunnel-shaped 'D' ovens.

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  5. Cast Iron Oven Glass Door with Thermometer

    Vitcas luxurious Cast Iron Pizza/ Bread Oven Doors have heat resistant glass & a built in thermometer with a dual display of both °C and °F. It is suitable for temperatures reaching 0-500°C/ 32-932°F. The heatproof glass comes in a mounting frame and there is a sliding air vent. Buy also a stove glass cleaner to remove soot and tar from oven doors

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  6. Ceramic Fibre Blanket 1260°C

    VITCAS Ceramic Fibre Blanket. Resistant to maximum service temperature of 1260oC / 2300oF. Density of 128kg/m3. Available in thickness of 13mm, 25mm and 50mm. Can be utilised in many industries such as petrochemical, steel and ceramics industries. Often used as insulation or for lining of furnaces.

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  7. Chimney Flue with Cowl and Damper

    Chimney Flue with Cowl and Damper is made for use with Vitcas wood burning outdoor pizza ovens. It has many uses such as reducing heat loss in chimneys, which means that heat remains in the oven longer and so you can use it cook multiple things without having to burn more wood.

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  8. HPS - Heatproof Screed

    Fireproof Screed, a cement-like product, is resistant to 1400°C / 2550°F. For interior and exterior use. Its function is for Screeding Masonry and making replacement fire bricks for Kilns, Fireplaces, Barbeques and Pizza Ovens. Protects vulnerable materials, which are in danger of being damaged by high heat exposure.

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  9. Heat Resistant SILICONE 315°C

    VITCAS High Temperature Silicone is a flexible sealant designed to withstand high temperatures up to 315ºC. It is perfect for joints in contact with high temperatures, such as flues, ovens, gaskets, stoves, boilers, and more. Heat Resistant silicone sealant provides excellent adhesion to most building materials, ensuring a strong and durable bond.

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  10. CFA - Ceramic Fibre Adhesive

    VITCAS CFA Ceramic Fibre Adhesive is a versatile bonding solution compatible with an array of ceramic fibre products, including blankets, boards, and modules. It is ideal for affixing these insulating materials to brick, concrete, or metal structures. This adhesive is commonly employed for tasks such as reinforcing the interior of a forge or providing insulation for wood-fired ovens.

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  11. Chimney Flue 90 Degree Bend

    Chimney Flue 90 Degree Bend is made from stainless steel and is used for extending chimney flue pipes in a 90 degrees direction. To prevent  excessive smoke being released near and around the oven. This is for outdoor, wood burning bread and pizza ovens.

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  12. OC - Outdoor Oven Cement

    Vitcas Outdoor Pizza Oven Cement is an hydraulic-set mortar designed for exterior jointing with fire bricks in applications such as pizza ovens, barbecues, smokehouses, bread ovens, fire pits and other high-temperature applications. This kind of outdoor fire cement is water-insoluble, resistant to rain and frost and cures without the need for heat.

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  13. Pizza Oven Wire Mesh

    Vitcas Wire/ Mesh Netting for reinforcing bread and pizza ovens. Its hexagonal structure allows the ceramic fibre insulation blanket to stay in position, tightly sticking to the fire bricks and providing a base for the next layer of material. Also prevents cracking of outdoor oven cement which goes on top of it.

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  14. Chimney Flue 45 Degree Bend

    Stainless steel 45 degree bend extends chimney flues in a 45 degree direction. It has a 100mm diameter which is compatible with a cowl & damper. The 45 degree bend needs to be used with a 1 metre extension pipe. It is for outdoor, wood fired pizza and bread ovens.

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  15. VITCAS Arch Fire bricks

    Vitcas Arch Fire Bricks. Dimensions: 230mm x 114mm x54mm ->76mm. Used to form the arch of a doorway in a Wood Fired Bread/ Pizza Oven or is used to construct the roof of a tunnel shaped oven.

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  16. Brick & Concrete Cutting Diamond Disc

    Brick & Concrete Cutting Diamond Disc is for cutting firebricks, pizza oven bases and concrete materials. It needs to be attached to a grinder or some power tool in order to be used. The diamond stone cutting disk is durable and can precisely cut different materials.

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  17. Chimney Flue Straight Pipe 1Mtr

    Chimney Flue Straight Section Extension Pipe 1 metre long is made from stainless steel. Can be used with our chimney flue bends, both 90 and 45 degree bends . It extends the flue pipes upwards. Specifically designed for outdoor, wood burning, bread and pizza ovens.

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  18. Fire Bricks Arch Set of 17 bricks

    Vitcas Fire Bricks Arch Set – Size 230mm x 114mm x54mm ->76mm. The set consists of 17 arch fire bricks which can be used to form the arch a doorway of a Wood Fired Pizza Oven or used to construct the roof of a tunnel shape oven.

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