VITCAS 6 Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves & Fireplaces

VITCAS 6 Fire Bricks Replacement Box for Stoves & Fireplaces

VITCAS Fire bricks 230x114x76mm

VITCAS Fire bricks 230x114x76mm


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Vitcas Outdoor Oven Cement for exterior jointing with fire bricks in pizza and bread ovens, barbecues, smokehouses, fire pits, and other high temperature applications. It is a hydraulic set mortar which is non-soluble in water and resistant to rain and frost. Does not depend on heat in order to cure.

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Vitcas Outdoor Oven Cement is a pre-mixed dry powder refractory mortar suitable for jointing fire bricks, jointing Vitcas Sectional Wood Fired Outdoor Ovens and for general purpose exterior use with firebricks in a range of high temperature applications.


  • non-water soluble
  • does not require heat to cure
  • resists washing out when exposed to frost or rain


  • barbecues
  • pizza and bread ovens
  • smokehouses
  • fire pits
  • any other high temperature application.


Mix with water to a trowelling consistency, as a guide approx. 180mls of water per kilo of material. We do not recommend the addition of cement dye/ pigment.
If laying bricks then the bricks should be wetted first to ensure good adhesion of the cement. The joint thickness can be from 3mm upwards. The material will set in a few hours, taking longer in cold weather.
For gap-filling thicknesses above 15mm, use Vitcas Heatproof Screed.

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Product Group Mortars/ Cements/ Concrete
Coverage of cartridge Coverage: A guide to the amount of the material contained in one 310ml cartridge Bead dia. 4mm – length approx. 18 metres Bead dia. 6mm – length approx. 8 metres Bead dia. 8mm – length approx. 5 metres Bead dia. 10mm – length approx. 3 metres
Color Grey
Coverage 40 bricks (230x114x64mm) / 10kg
Outdoor Yes
Temperature 1200°C /2190°F
Drying Time 24h / +20°C (+68°F)
Manufacturer Vitcas
Mix with water Yes
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