Construct a Tandoori Oven

Materials aimed at helping you construct your very own tandoori oven. Your tandoori oven can be bought pre-made but we recommend constructing one on your own! All you need is either fire cement or heatproof screed and you can create your very own tandoor. 

How a tandoor works

The tandoori oven is shaped like a cylinder with thick walls. Its heat source is either wood fire, charcoal or gas and it is placed at the bottom of the oven. At the top of the oven, there is an opening through which the food is placed inside for cooking. The food is usually cooked by sticking it against the walls of the tandoor. The oven can reach the temperature of 480oC for cooking.


Tandoori ovens are most commonly used for preparing tasty Asian, Middle Eastern and Southern Caucasian dishes such as baking naan bread, chapatis (flatbread) or tandoori chicken, as well as other delicacies such as pizza, pastries, grilled meats/fish/sea food or grilled vegetables. Whether you are cooking at home for your family or you have a catering business, the tandoor is for you.

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  1. VITCAS Premium Fire Cement

    Vitcas Fire Cement-Ready Mixed Rated to 1250°C / 2280°F For patching and repair fire bricks, fireplaces, solid fuel ovens, range cookers, boilers and central heating systems.

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    Fireproof Screed, a cement-like product, is resistant to 1400°C / 2550°F. For interior and exterior use. Its function is for Screeding Masonry and making replacement fire bricks for Kilns, Fireplaces, Barbeques and Pizza Ovens. Protects vulnerable materials, which are in danger of being damaged by high heat exposure.

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