Sewing Threads

Vitcas Sewing Threads are used for the sewing and making of heatproof and fireproof, protective clothes and gloves. They also all possess insulating properties.

Silica fibre and kevlar

Silica fibre has the highest temperature resistance compared to the other sewing threads- at 1400oC. This makes it ideal for sewing welding and fire blankets, as well as fireproof clothing.

We also have the kevlar sewing yarn- it has lower heat resistance than other yarns, but it is highly resistant to acids and alkalis and against abrasion.

Glass fibre threads

The two types of fiberglass sewing threads for heat protective wear include PTFE coated glass fibre and glass fibre reinforced with wire.

Their temperature resistance reaches 600oC. They are flexible which makes them suitable for sewing heatproof garments and for hand and machine stitching. 

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  1. Kevlar Sewing Thread

    Vitcas Kevlar Sewing Thread is high temperature resistant, exceptionally high strength and resistant to corrosive chemicals and abrasion.

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  2. Fiberglass Sewing Thread With Wire

    Vitcas Fibreglass Sewing Thread Reinforced with Wire is high strength and resistant to corrosive, harmful acids and alkalis. It is also highly heat resistant at 600oC. The glass fibre sewing thread with wire can be used for machine stitiching of e.g. fire protective clothing etc.

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    Special Price £96.00 £80.00 Regular Price £144.00
  3. Fiberglass Sewing Thread

    Glass Fibre Sewing Thread with PTFE Coating is resistant to 600oC / 1112oF. The PTFE coating adds flexibility to the fibreglass sewing thread which makes it suitable for sewing heat resistant fabrics and protective clothing to wear in high temperature industrial settings. 

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  4. Silica Fibre Sewing Thread

    Vitcas Silica Fibre Sewing Thread can be used in high temperature industrial applications due to its very high heat resistance at 1400oC / 2552oF. The silica fibre thread has high tensile strength making it very suitable for sewing fire blankets, welding and fireproof garments, as well as insulating products.

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    Special Price £96.00 £80.00 Regular Price £144.00
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