Refractory Coatings

Vitcas Refractory Coatings come in three different forms, differing in consistency, temperature resistance and composition.

Zircon Refractory Protective Coating

Zircon Paint Coating is available in two different consistencies- one is a more creamy consistency and the other as a dry powder. Both forms have a temperature resistance of up to 1750°C.

Silica based protective coating

Vitcas also supplies a silica-based refractory coating, which has a temperature resistance of up to 1000oC and has the property of being thixotropic (having time dependent, shear thinning viscosity). 

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  1. VITCAS Zircon Paint Coating 1750°C

    VITCAS Zircon Refractory Paint Coating. It has a creamy consistency and can be applied directly. For spray application, it has to be thinned with water. Its maximum service temperature is of 1750°C / 3180°F. For use on furnaces, ladles, ceramic fibre linings and refractories in contact with molten alloys and glass.

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  2. Zircon Paint Coating-Dry Powder 1750°C

    Vitcas Zircon Paint Coating is supplied as a dry powder to be mixed with water. The zircon paint coating is resistant to temperatures up to 1750oC / 3182°F. It can be used in many industrial applications including in the aluminium industry, in alumina-silicate monolithic linings.

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  3. Silcas RGW- Refractory Glaze Wash Coating

    Vitcas Refractory Glaze Wash Coating- Silcas RGW- a silica-based, heat resistant, thixotropic product which can resist high temperatures that do not exceed 1000°C / 1830°F. It can be used for applications such as coating refractory bricks and glazing monolithic furnace linings.

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