Electrical Insulation Tape

Vitcas offers a range of electrical insulation tapes, otherwise known as electro tapes, which are available in a variety of sizes and colours. The insulation tapes come in three colours- white, black and brown. The white and black insulation tape is available in thicknesses of 0.13mm and 0.18mm at a width of 25mm. The brown insulating tape also comes in the two available thicknesses but at a width of 50mm.


  • Good thermal insulation
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Tensile strength
  • Chemical resistant


  • Insulating electric wires
  • Insulation in low voltage machines
  • Fire protection of power cables
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  1. Electrical E Glass Insulation Tape - Roll

    Electrical Insulation Fiberglass Tape resists temperatures to 550oC, offers fire protection on power cables, has high tensile strength and chemical resistance, and acts as both an electric and thermal insulator. Hence it is used in low voltage machines and electrical equipment. 

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  2. Brown Electro Tape 50 mm

    Vitcas Brown Electro Tape in 0.18mm or 0.13 mm thickness. The electro tape is available in widths- 50mm. The electro tape is ideal for use in high temperature situations where heating wires are used. The tape provides thermal and electrical insulation to the wires in those environments.

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  3. Electro Tape 25mm

    Vitcas Electro Tape- 0.18mm thick in white, black or brown. Available widths- 25mm. The electro tape is primarily used for sealing on the ends of temperature resistant ropes. The tape also provides good electrical and thermal insulation to heating wires in hot environments.

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