Outdoor Pizza Ovens

VITCAS Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens in Your Garden

A collection of Vitcas wood burning, outdoor pizza ovens which are ready to be installed and very easy to assemble. The ovens are available in different sizes, which you can decide upon to suit the available space you have in your back garden.

The outside pizza oven is extremely versatile. You can prepare delicious meals with your favourite ingredients. In addition to making pizza in the oven, you can cook, bake and roast whatever you want. In a wood-fired oven you can prepare food such as:

  • home-made bread,
  • roasted vegetables,
  • cooked, smoked or grilled meat and fish
  • jacket potatoes
  • casseroles, stews
  • desserts

... and many more. All you need to do is choose the right temperature to start the cooking process. The heat source in our outdoor ovens is wood. So if you want to bring out different flavours and aromas, it is worth experimenting with different types of wood.

Due to the high accumulation properties of the materials of which garden pizza ovens are made, their interior remains warm even for the next day. This way, you can easily reheat your meal without having to re-light the fire in the oven. The high cooking capacity allows you to prepare several homemade pizzas at the same time. Organising a pizza party is therefore not a problem.

Build your own wood-fired pizza oven in your garden

The range also includes a handy kit of materials for building your own pizza oven using Vitcas materials, which will fit your desired aesthetic. In our shop, you can buy fire-resistant bricks, arches, oven plinth, stainless steel flues, iron doors and other materials necessary for the construction of the outdoor oven. 

If you would like to be more mobile, check out our blog, where you will find instructions on how to make a portable pizza oven.

Wood fired oven - For domestic and commercial use

As for our range of pizza ovens which you can purchase and assemble, there are Casa ovens which are designed for domestic use, Pompeii ovens which come in four different sizes and can also be used commercially or for hosting large-scale events (you can cook several pizzas at the same time), and brick pizza ovens. Our best outdoor pizza ovens are commonly used in restaurants, low- or high-volume pizzerias, pubs, cafés and by caterers.

Vitcas offers something for everyone, so regardless of what you are looking for, you can be sure to find it here.

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  1. Outdoor Pizza Oven-Vitcas

    Vitcas outdoor wood burning Casa pizza oven. It is especially designed and made in the UK for the smaller garden or when you have limited space for the oven. Also ideal for smaller households and families. The Casa oven is quick and easy to assemble.

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    Special Price £594.00 £495.00 Regular Price £720.00
  2. VITCAS Wood Fired Bread/ Pizza Oven

    VITCAS Pompeii Wood Fired Bread / Pizza Oven is a traditional dome shaped wood burning indoor or outdoor bread and pizza oven made in the UK from high quality refractory materials. The original oven in the Pompeii series. Ideal for use in domestic applications.

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    Special Price £1,194.00 £995.00 Regular Price £2,400.00
  3. Small Brick Pizza Oven - VITCAS-S

    Clay firebrick outdoor wood fired pizza oven VITCAS-S is a small sized oven ideal for minimum assembly in the smaller space. Most ideal in domestic use, for when you have limited outdoor garden space or a smaller family/household.

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    Special Price £696.00 £580.00 Regular Price £1,800.00
  4. Large Brick Pizza Oven - VITCAS-L

    Outdoor clay firebrick pizza oven VITCAS- L is a larger oven with a higher pizza capacity,  which can be fitted for use in commercial applications. Has a capacity to hold 2-4 small pizzas. Manufactured from top quality, high temperature resistant refractories.

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    Special Price £1,194.00 £995.00 Regular Price £2,400.00
  5. Vitcas Double Casa

    Vitcas Double Casa outdoor wood burning pizza oven is manufactured from high quality refractories. It is a double sized Casa oven. Ideal for when you have more outdoor garden space. Has a larger pizza capacity so you can make more pizzas and save them for later or hold gatherings in the garden.

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    Special Price £1,074.00 £895.00 Regular Price £1,320.00
  6. Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

    Vitcas Outdoor, Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit is filled with a range of all the Vitcas products you need for building your own wood burning pizza oven! 

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    Starting at £2.40 £2.00

  7. Fire Pit

    Ready made, high temperature concrete fire pit which will definitely be the focal point of your outdoor patio or garden. It doubles as a cosy heat source and a cooking appliance for yummy foods over the open fire. Vitcas precast concrete fire pit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add both beauty and functionality to their outdoor living space.

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    As low as £310.80 £259.00 Regular Price £418.80
  8. VITCAS Pompeii Oven 100

    VITCAS Pompeii 100 is a high quality, traditional wood fired bread and pizza oven for both indoor and outdoor use. Most ideal for domestic applications, especially for large households/ families or for gatherings, parties and other functions.

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    Special Price £1,554.00 £1,295.00 Regular Price £3,000.00
  9. Wood Burning Pizza and Bread Oven - Pompeii 120

    VITCAS Wood Burning Pizza / Bread Oven Pompeii 120 is a dome shaped and traditionally built wood fired bread and pizza oven which can be used indoor or outdoor. It is made from the best quality high temperature refractories. Can be used for commercial applications e.g. in restaurants, festivals, etc

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    Special Price £1,794.00 £1,495.00 Regular Price £3,600.00
  10. VITCAS Pompeii Oven 140

    VITCAS oven Pompeii 140 is traditionally built from finest quality high temperature resistant refractory materials. Wood fired bread and pizza oven for use indoors and outdoors. Suitable for use in commercial applications e.g. festivals and restaurants etc.

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    Special Price £1,998.00 £1,665.00 Regular Price £3,840.00
  11. Outdoor Pizza Oven Arch

    The Vitcas Oven Arch is a cast arch section from heat resistant concrete which is a perfect addition when constructing your very own wood fired pizza or bread oven. Ideal to be used in conjunction with our Vitcas fire bricks. For tunnel-shaped 'D' ovens.

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    Special Price £78.00 £65.00 Regular Price £120.00
  12. Outdoor Pizza Oven Arch for Door

    Vitcas cast arch door section for installation in wood burning pizza or bread ovens. Manufactured from high temperature resistant concrete. The perfect component to use when making your own oven in conjunction with Vitcas fire bricks.

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    Special Price £78.00 £65.00 Regular Price £120.00
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