The BEST Pizza Ovens: A review

The BEST Pizza Ovens: A review
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The BEST Pizza Ovens: A review

Summer is near and that can only mean one thing: outdoor pizza oven season! You can finally enjoy delicious pizza, oven baked bread or yummy vegetable dishes straight from your wood fired pizza oven. The frozen pizzas and supermarket options just don't compare to how a homemade, perfectly cooked pizza tastes.

All of our outdoor ovens can also be used as an indoor pizza oven, provided that building regulations are adhered to and that there is proper ventilation to get the smoke outside.

Regardless of whether you are looking for an indoor pizza oven or an outdoor pizza oven, we can help you find the right pizza oven for you so you'll be able to cook pizza and other delicacies this season!

Our outdoor ovens can also be converted into mobile pizza ovens. To learn more about the process of converting freestanding pizza ovens into mobile pizza ovens, read our article.

Although our pizza ovens are originally wood fired, they can be converted into a gas pizza oven by fitting a gas burner inside. On the market, there are many options including hybrid pizza ovens (also referred to as a multi-fuel pizza oven), electric pizza ovens and of course, gas pizza ovens, but if you want the traditional wood fired taste, then we recommend sticking to wood burners or wood pellets as the best pizza oven fuel.

Wood fired pizza ovens are generally a healthier option than gas and charcoal barbecues. Gas pizza ovens heat up quickly but wood pellets are more environmentally friendly and less harmful to human health. Cooking on the pizza stone will be more advantageous to your health than using a gas burner, charcoal, a multi fuel pizza oven or electric pizza ovens.

In this article, we will be reviewing pizza ovens that we have to offer and assessing which is the best pizza oven overall. Therefore, do not worry if you have not tested pizza ovens in our range, we have done the work for you and have compiled the pros and cons of each oven.

Let's get started on the quest for the best pizza oven!

The Casa Pizza Oven Collection:

Vitcas Casa Pizza Oven

Vitcas Casa Pizza Oven


  • Most affordable pizza oven
  • Suitable for limited space due to its narrow shape and small size
  • Easy to handle due to the lightweight parts
  • The best portable pizza oven


  • Not suitable for larger events or commercial purposes
  • Requires additional insulation on the top

Our Casa Wood Fired Oven is the most affordable out of all the other wood fired ovens, so if your budget is tight, this is the perfect pizza oven for you.

The Casa Wood Fired Oven is also the narrowest pizza oven on the market at 670 mm wide. Therefore, if you only have limited space in your home, patio or garden, you need not fret, we have something for you!

Our Casa Wood Fired Pizza Oven comes in 5 parts, which are approx. less than 25kg each and hence lightweight enough to handle and easy enough to assemble together. Due to its low weight, it is a portable pizza oven which can be easily moved around, especially if it is made mobile.

However, the Casa pizza oven requires additional insulating on top to ensure the best performance for cooking pizza and other flavourful dishes.

In addition to this, our best portable pizza oven may not be the best option for hosting larger events or for commercial purposes.

Shop now: Vitcas Casa Pizza Oven

Vitcas Double Casa Pizza Oven


  • Larger than the Casa pizza oven
  • Cooks more than one pizza
  • Narrow, long 'tunnel' shape (1 metre of length)
  • Lightweight parts


  • Requires extra insulation

The Double Casa Wood Fired Pizza Oven is larger than the Casa but that doesn't mean it is unsuitable for smaller spaces. It is still narrow like the Casa (at 670mm wide), but it is long at 1 metre. This long, narrow tunnel shape means that it can fit into limited space, while having the advantage of being more spacious than the Casa pizza oven.

This wood fired pizza oven can handle more than one pizza at a time and hence is great if you are hosting a garden party at home or if you run a small pizzeria.

Despite being larger than the Casa pizza oven, it is still lightweight and easy to assemble.

Similarly to the Casa pizza oven, extra insulation is recommended for good performance to aid the cooking process.

Shop now: Vitcas Double Casa Pizza Oven

Pompeii pizza ovens:

Pompeii wood fired oven

Vitcas Pompeii wood fired pizza oven


  • Makes 3-4 small pizzas at a time
  • Dome shaped which is more efficient than e.g. a 'tunnel' shape
  • One of our most popular pizza ovens


  • The parts are heavier than for the Casa pizza ovens

The Pompeii Pizza Oven is very popular and for good reason. It is a great size and has the capacity to make up to 4 homemade pizzas at a time, which makes it ideal for restaurants and large scale events. If you have more space at your disposal, this is the pizza oven for you.

The Pompeii has a dome shape which increases its efficiency, as compared to the tunnel shape of the Double Casa.

However, a downside may be that the parts are not as light as for the Casa wood fired pizza ovens.

Shop now: Vitcas Pompeii Pizza Oven

Pompeii Pizza Oven

Pompeii 100


  • Makes 3-5 small pizzas at a time
  • A popular pizza oven model- rated by us as the best pizza oven
  • Efficient dome shape


  • Heavier parts

The Pompeii 100 is also a popular pizza oven and a leader on the home pizza oven market. It is just the right size- it is definitely not a small, portable pizza oven but it is also not one of our largest. Consequently, this outdoor oven is viable for most settings where you dispose of more space, but do not necessarily want to go all the way to a Pompeii 120 or 140. It is versatile in that it is fitting for your garden, a restaurant or even a catering business.

The dome shape increases its efficiency to cook pizza, prepare meat or fish and bake pastries.

Although the parts are more heavy, it is still fairly straightforward to assemble the 5 parts together.

Shop now: Vitcas Pompeii 100 Pizza Oven

Pompeii 120


  • Cooks 4-6 small pizzas at a time
  • Efficient shape for cooking pizza
  • Spacious


  • Heavier parts

Due to its larger pizza making capacity, it is the ideal option for commercial use and large events. Additionally, if you convert it into a mobile pizza oven, it will be perfect for use in a mobile catering business.

It has excellent performance following proper insulation and due to being dome shaped.

Its parts are heavier but the assembly is still pretty straightforward.

Pompeii 140


  • One of the largest pizza ovens we have
  • Cooks 5-7 small pizzas at a time
  • Multi-function pizza oven
  • Dome shape increases its performance


  • Our most expensive wood fired pizza oven

Our largest pizza oven is ideal for large functions and commercial settings. It is incredibly spacious, hence it can hold and cook numerous pizzas or dishes at once. It has highly efficient performance, in part due to its dome shape.

Although it is the priciest option, it is a worthwhile investment that will last through generations and increase the property value.

Shop now: Vitcas Pompeii 140 Pizza Oven

Brick Pizza ovens:

Brick Pizza Ovens

Vitcas Brick Pizza Oven - S


  • Only minimum insulation required on top
  • Traditional aesthetic
  • The easiest to install
  • Makes 1-2 pizzas at once


  • Heavy parts to handle
  • Not designed for traditional bread baking

While most pizza ovens that we offer are designed for traditional bread baking, the Brick Ovens are better suited for baking flatbread, naan and pittas. You can bake delicious Neapolitan pizza or deep dish pizza; the options truly abound.

It is the most perfect outdoor pizza oven due to its traditional brick aesthetic which gives an old-fashioned, quintessentially English feel.

Not to mention, you will not need the fuss and additional costs of extra insulation.

Although its parts are heavier than for a Casa or even Pompeii pizza oven, it is still the easiest and best pizza oven to install and due to being one of our smaller pizza ovens, it can still work as a portable outdoor pizza oven for your garden. Shop now: Vitcas Brick Pizza Oven - S

Brick pizza oven

Brick Pizza Oven - L


  • Larger than S- brick with a capacity to hold 2-4 small pizzas
  • Requires minimal insulation
  • Traditional look
  • Easy to install


  • Not for traditional bread baking
  • Made up of the heaviest parts

The Brick-L outdoor pizza oven is a beautiful addition to any garden, which gives a traditional touch to even a more modern setting. Each brick oven- the S and the L, is designed to be an outdoor pizza oven due to its brick aesthetic which is simply a must to show off.

This brick pizza oven not only provides a traditional look, but also a traditional taste which cannot be achieved by a pizza oven fuelled by a gas burner or even a multi-fuel pizza oven. The pizza dough that is baked via wood burning is incomparable!

The Brick-L is the best pizza oven when it comes to ease of installation (similarly to the Brick-S pizza oven), despite its heavy parts and larger size than the S.

However, the Brick-L pizza oven is not designed for baking traditional bread loaves, but do not worry, because you can still bake flatbreads, naan bread, pittas, pizza, and the list goes on. Shop now: Vitcas Brick Pizza Oven - L

Verdict: The Best Pizza Oven

We have discussed the variety of our range- outdoor pizza ovens, indoor pizza ovens and portable pizza ovens, but are you still lost on which one to choose?

Do not fret, we have rated all the best pizza ovens and ultimately, decided which is the best pizza oven.

The best pizza ovens will be decided according to three categories: the most affordable pizza oven, the easiest to install pizza oven and the best pizza oven overall.

The most affordable category

Casa Wood Fired Pizza Oven wins the most affordable category. It is smaller, the most narrow and one of our most portable pizza ovens which contributes to it having the lowest price.

Easy to install category

Both the Brick-S and Brick-L Wood Fired Pizza Ovens win the easiest to install category.

The best pizza oven overall

The best pizza oven overall Vitcas

Finally, Pompeii 100 wins the best pizza oven title.

Overall, the best pizza oven is Pompeii 100 due to its optimal size, generous pizza capacity and highly efficient dome shape. You can be sure that it'll help you bake incredible pizza dough from scratch, but if you do not have the time, it can even be used to cook up one of your frozen pizzas.

Check out our shop for today's best deals for our best pre-made wood-burning ovens, materials for DIY pizza ovens and pizza oven accessories, including a pizza peel / pizza paddle and thermometers for tracking the optimum cooking temperature.

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