Stove Rope Replacement Kits

A kit containing 2 metres of rope, adhesive and protective gloves for replacing stove door seals.

All in one kit

The practicality of having all the components you need to replace your old seals on your stove door is so convenient.

You can choose from the diameter range from 3mm-20mm and choose between white and black colour. 

Find out how to replace a stove door rope seal.


  • Rope seals between the body of the stove and the stove door
  • Sealing stove glass
  • Seals in the stove flue system
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  1. Black Rope + Glue - Kit for Fireplaces and Stoves

    Vitcas Black Stove Rope Kit consisting of 2 metres of fire rope, black rope adhesive and protective gloves. Available in diameters ranging from 6mm to 12mm.

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    As low as £5.40 £4.50 Regular Price £11.40

    Stove Rope Replacement Kit is in diameters from 3mm to 12mm. Contains 2 metres of Vitcas White Fire Rope, Vitcas Rope Adhesive and Protective Gloves. The kit is for renewal of any sealing in your stove e.g. in its flue system, or between the stove door and body of the stove, or in the stove glass.

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    As low as £4.68 £3.90 Regular Price £8.39
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