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Our plumbing and building category consists of products which will be useful in the building sector and in the maintenance of central heating systems.


We offer a range of materials that have application in central heating systems including:


We also offer two products in this category from our Rapidcas range which have wider applications in building including:

  • Filling cracks in floors and walls
  • Jointing drains and pipes
  • Sealing leaks in concrete and masonry, as well as in dams, tunnels and mines
  • Repairs in brick, stone and slab
  • Patching window sills
  • Setting street furniture and kerbstones
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  1. High Strength Rapid Setting Cement - N20

    Rapid Setting Cement - Rapidcas N20 is a special formulated sand/cement mix which is easy to use and trowel and designed to set hard in about 60 minutes. Rapidcas N20 is satisfactory for even the most arduous conditions e.g. open to traffic within 2 hours.

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    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £47.99
  2. Central Heating System INHIBITOR

    Vitcas®Central Heating System Inhibitor Protects against corrosion and limescale formation to maintain system efficiency. Suitable for mixed metal systems including aluminium. Inhibitor is available as 1 litre of liquid or in concentrated form in 310ml cartridge

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    As low as £7.19 £5.99 Regular Price £19.19
  3. CH-LS-Central Heating LEAK SEALER

    Central Heating Internal Leak Sealer - Seals inaccessible leaks and weeping joints in central heating systems. The unique sealing efficiency of Vitcas® Internal Leak Sealer makes it compatible with plastic tanks, micro bore, underfloor systems, all metals including aluminium used in central heating systems and vulnerable system components (such as safety devices).

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    As low as £7.19 £5.99 Regular Price £19.19
  4. Central Heating System CLEANER

    Vitcas® Central Heating System Cleaner and Sludge Remover will remove commissioning and flux residues from new systems and restore circulation to old systems which suffer from sludge. System Cleaner should also be used when components are replaced or existing systems are extended.

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    As low as £7.19 £5.99 Regular Price £19.19

    Vitcas® Central Heating Boiler Noise Silencer is a non-acid boiler descaler which stays in the system for life; no need to flush. Noise Silencer is compatible with plastic tanks, microbore and all metals (including aluminium) used in central heating systems

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    As low as £7.19 £5.99 Regular Price £19.19
  6. White Pipe Jointing Compound

    VITCAS® White Pipe Jointing Compound 400g is a non-hardening material for creating an airtight seal in pipe threads in plumbing. Prevents water leaks in natural gas and water systems. Conforms to BS EN 751-2:1997 and to BS6956 Part 5: 1992.

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    Special Price £2.99 £2.49 Regular Price £5.99
  7. PTFE Liquid - Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealant

    Vitcas® Liquid PTFE is an anaerobic single component product suitable to seal metal threaded joints. The product provides instant low-pressure sealing and cures spontaneously and rapidly when confined in absence of air between close metal surfaces.

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    Special Price £7.79 £6.49 Regular Price £10.79
  8. VITCAS-Rapidcas-Rapid Set Cement

    Vitcas Rapidcas cement is a rapid setting material (30 minutes, depending on ambient temperature and conditions). Easy mixing, just required to add water. Fills up to 25mm in one application only.

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    Special Price £5.39 £4.49 Regular Price £8.39
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