Exhaust Pipe Insulation

Insulating pipes, especially those working in extremely hot temperatures such as in exhaust systems, is important for safety reasons and to reduce heat transferring to the surrounding environment. Thanks to Vitcas heat insulation tapes, we can easily achieve those goals.

Fireproof properties of Vitcas insulation tapes

Aside from excellent insulation properties, Vitcas tapes are also immune to fire which can be helpful, especially when we need to use them in an ignition-sensitive environment.

Our titanium basalt fibre tape can resist against radiation and chemicals too.

To find out more, read our article about the protection and insulation of exhaust pipes.


Vitcas tapes can be used for various exhaust systems such as:

  • Safety insulation of hot car parts
  • Refinery piping
  • Nuclear power plants exhaustion systems
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  1. Heat Treatment Exhaust Tape 50x2mm

    Heat Treated Thermal Tape is made from 'E' type glass fibre, which makes it ideal for wrapping around cables, wiring and exhausts in order to provide insulation and reduce the likelihood of a fire or flames from occuring. It can also minimise condensation in pipework. Dimesions: 50mm x 2mm.

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  2. Titanium Basalt Fiber Tape

    Vitcas Texturised Basalt Fibre Tapes, or in other words Webbing Tapes, is essentially an exhaust insulation wrap. Resists temperatures not exceeding 700oC and can resist against radiation and chemicals. This makes it ideal for insulating pipes in nuclear power plants.

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