Titanium Basalt Fiber Tape

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Vitcas Texturised Basalt Fibre Tapes, or in other words Webbing Tapes, is essentially an exhaust insulation wrap. Resists temperatures not exceeding 700oC and can resist against radiation and chemicals. This makes it ideal for insulating pipes in nuclear power plants.

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Basalt Webbing Tape is a premium exhaust insulation wrap renowned for its exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and radiation. This versatile tape is specifically designed to provide superior insulation in some of the most demanding environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications where reliability and durability are paramount.

Key Characteristics

  • Temperature Resistance: Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 700°C / 1290°F, ensuring robust performance in high-heat applications.
  • Chemical Resistance: Exhibits a high degree of chemical resistance, making it suitable for environments where exposure to harsh chemicals is common.
  • Radiation Resistance: Offers excellent resistance to radiation, making it ideal for use in settings with high levels of radiation exposure.
  • Exceptional Durability: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, Basalt Webbing Tape ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • High-Performance Material: Made from premium basalt fibres, this tape offers unparalleled insulation properties and resilience.


Automotive Industry

  • Exhaust Insulation: Ideal for wrapping around exhaust pipes and headers in cars. This application reduces heat radiation, improves overall performance, and protects surrounding components from potential heat damage, ensuring a more efficient and safer vehicle operation.
  • Heat Shields: Basalt Webbing Tape can be used to create custom heat shields for critical parts in car engines. These shields protect essential components from excessive heat, enhancing the durability and performance of the vehicle.

Marine Industry

  • Exhaust Insulation: Ideal for use on exhaust systems in marine vessels. This application not only minimises heat radiation but also boosts engine performance and shields adjacent parts from thermal damage, ensuring more reliable and efficient operation of the boat.
  • Heat Shields: Employ Basalt Webbing Tape to create bespoke heat shields for key engine parts in boats. These shields deliver superior thermal insulation, protecting vital components from high temperatures and enhancing the longevity and dependability of marine engines.


  • Thermal Protection: Provides thermal protection for various aerospace components exposed to high temperatures and harsh environments.


  • Fireproofing: Used in buildings for fireproofing applications, providing a protective barrier against high temperatures and fire spread.
  • Pipe Insulation: Insulates pipes in commercial and residential buildings to improve energy efficiency and prevent heat loss.

Energy Sector

  • Power Plants: Insulates pipes and equipment in power plants, including geothermal and other high-temperature energy production facilities.
  • Chemical Processing Plants: Protects pipes and equipment from chemical exposure and high temperatures in chemical processing environments.

Nuclear Plants

  • Pipe Insulation: Basalt Webbing Tape is perfect for insulating pipes in nuclear plants, providing reliable thermal insulation and maintaining safety standards in environments exposed to high levels of radiation and extreme temperatures.

High-Radiation Environments

  • Industrial Insulation: Suitable for insulating various components in industrial settings where high levels of radiation are present, ensuring protection and longevity of the insulated materials.Safety and Efficiency: Enhances the safety and efficiency of operations in radiation-intensive environments by maintaining stable temperatures and protecting against radiation exposure.
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Product GroupTextiles
Size50mm x 2mm
Thickness (mm)2
Width (mm)50
HS Tariff Code7019630085
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