Glass Fibre Insulation

Glass fibre is the most popular and effective material used in insulation. Therefore Vitcas made sure to include two main high quality, fibreglass insulation products in its range- Glass Needled Felt Mat and Aluminium Coated Flue Chimney Wrap.

Needled felt mat (glass wool insulation)

Glass Needled Felt Mat is very flexible which makes it easy to use and cut. It is also safe to use in industrial applications without worrying about which chemicals it comes to contact with. 

Its main applications are thermal and acoustic insulation in machinery, pipes and motor vehicles.

Aluminium coated flue chimney wrap

Flue Chimney Wrap Insulation Blanket is coated in aluminium, which makes it easier to handle and cut. It comes in two forms- it is sold per metre or in a 10 metre roll.

The aluminium-coated Chimney Flue Wrap extends the life of chimney flues by reducing tar and condensation, improving the air flow and maintaining the flues at the right temperature thanks to thermal insulation. 

To prevent the fibreglass insulation from absorbing damp from the rooms, you must always provide a vapour barrier (aluminium coating).

Safety during application of glass mineral wool insulation

When it comes to glass fibres, it is highly recommended to wear gloves during application of fiberglass insulation. Our insulation is toxic safe, so it can be used along with any other chemicals.

Many benefits from using fibreglass insulation

  • Simple to set up, even for individuals who are not professionals;
  • Made of fire-resistant material capable of fitting into uneven surfaces due to its compressibility;
  • Cost-effective insulation materials;
  • Reusable insulation that is obtained from leftovers.
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  1. Glass Needled Felt - Heat Resistant 550°C-per metre

    Glass Fibre Needled Felt flexible insulation blanket. Resistant to 600oC short term working temp and 550oC continuous working temp. Flexible, lightweight and easy to handle in industrial applications. Also non-toxic so very safe to use by industry workers and to use around other chemicals.

    Special Price £14.40 £12.00 Regular Price £24.00
  2. Aluminium Coated Insulation - Flue Wrap 1M x12mm -per Metre

    Flue Chimney Wrap Insulation Blanket suitable for insulating flues and flue liners inside the chimney. This will reduce risk of condensation, tar formation, as well as chimney fires and hence elongate the life of your flue liner and maximise its performance.

    Special Price £24.00 £20.00 Regular Price £30.00
  3. Aluminium Coated Insulation - Flue Wrap 1M x12mm

    Vitcas Aluminium Coated Insulation Flue Wrap available in a 10 metre roll. Insulation for flues and flue liners inside the chimney of your stove.

    Special Price £166.80 £139.00 Regular Price £300.00
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