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Vitcas outdoor wood burning Casa pizza oven. It is especially designed and made in the UK for the smaller garden or when you have limited space for the oven. Also ideal for smaller households and families. The Casa oven is quick and easy to assemble.

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The “Vitcas Casa” series wood-fired oven is the perfect way to get started with a wood fired oven in your garden. Constructed of high quality refractory material, this oven is practical and easy to construct. It comes in 6 pieces, none heavier than 25kg's, which fit together simply and are securely held in place using the Vitcas heat resistant silicone supplied. Especially designed and made in the UK for British climate. Suitable for the smaller garden.

The dimensions of the oven are as follows:
External: 550mm deep x 670mm wide x 520mm high
Internal: 370mm x 600mm
Weight: 150kg                                                                                                                                        No. of pizzas: 2 at the time

The oven kit consists of:

The oven (in six pieces), 1 tube of Vitcas heat resistant silicone, Metal oven door with thermometer and stainless steel chimney with cowl and damper.

NOTE: This kit does not include the log storage stand or the insulating plinth, however you can buy the plinth and build the stand using  firebricks and Vitcas outdoor oven cement which are also available in our main shop.

***We recommend the base of the oven should be fully supported and insulated underneath with Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Board 50mm.

After the oven has been fired once or twice it is recommended to add extra insulation in the form of ceramic fibre blanket. The blanket can be adhered to the outside of the oven with ceramic fibre adhesive, a mesh placed over the blanket and the whole oven is then rendered with Outdoor Oven Cement to make it waterproof. At this point the oven can be painted.

Below you can see an animation of how to assemble and insulate VITCAS ovens.

Video how to build and insulate Wood-Fired Oven

Suggested insulation requirements (available in our store):

  • 1 x Insulating Plinth
  • Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Blanket - 3 Metres
  • 1 tubes of Ceramic Fibre Adhesive
  • 1 x chicken wire/mesh
  • 1 x 20kg Vitcas Outdoor Oven Cement

Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Board 50mm (additional insulation underneath oven base for better performance)

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