Zircon Paint Coating-Dry Powder 1750°C

Vitcas Zircon Paint Coating is supplied as a dry powder to be mixed with water. The zircon paint coating is resistant to temperatures up to 1750oC / 3182°F. It can be used in many industrial applications including in the aluminium industry, in alumina-silicate monolithic linings.

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Zircon Paint Coating is a high-performance coating that can withstand temperatures up to 1750°C /3182°F. It is specifically designed for use on warm refractories and offers excellent alkali resistance, non-wetting properties, and reduces the build-up of corundum.


  1. Mixing: The powder needs to be mixed with water at the rate of 300ml of water per kilo of powder. Preferably, mix using a mixing paddle
  2. Application: Zircon Paint Coating can be applied by brush or by spray. It is recommended to apply the coating onto a warm refractory surface for best results.


  • High-temperature resistance up to 1750°C /3182°F.
  • Excellent alkali resistance.
  • Non-wetting properties, which prevent molten aluminum alloys from adhering to the surface.
  • Reduces the build-up of corundum, which prolongs the life of refractory linings.


  • Aluminum industry: Zircon Paint Coating can be used on ladles, furnaces, and launders that handle molten aluminum alloys.
  • Refractory linings: Zircon Paint Coating can be applied to alumina-silicate monolithic linings and refractory bricks to protect against high temperatures and alkalis.
  • Molten glass: The coating can be used on surfaces that come into contact with molten glass.
  • Metal slags: Zircon Paint Coating is also suitable for use in contact with metal slags.
  • Sealing ceramic fiber linings: The coating can be used to seal ceramic fiber linings and prevent the release of ceramic fibers into the workplace.
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