Why go for a bio ethanol fireplace?

Why go for a bio ethanol fireplace?

When we talk about fireplaces, the first thing that comes in to a person's mind is an old fashioned, Victorian styled home with a dimly lit fireplace, with two large sized arm chairs placed right before the fire. However, that concept, though beautiful, has become outdated. Creating such a fireplace within your single storey, or even your double storey household can be a real pain. You will first have to find out the adequate place to install your fireplace in, and will then have to make sure that you install a proper chimney or flue, and also maintain the fireplace safely. More importantly, the maintenance of the fireplace becomes a real pain for most people. Every now and then, cracks begin to appear on the inside of the fireplace, requiring additional work. However, rather than going through this hassle, why not go for a bio ethanol fireplace? Here are some big advantages:

No chimney required

The intelligent concept of bio ethanol fireplaces is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Because bio ethanol burns cleanly, it does not produce any sort of smoke. As a result, you do not need to get a large scale chimney installed in order to enjoy the heat from bio ethanol fireplace. The fire burns easily without producing any sort of smoke or residue at all.


No electricity or gas connections required

Perhaps one of the most telling advantages that bio ethanol fireplaces have over the conventional fireplaces is the fact that these fireplaces do not require any sort of connections. The liquid bio ethanol that burns is generally placed within a properly built tank. There are no electricity cables attached to the tank, and there are no gas connections required in order to light the fire within the bio ethanol fireplace. Imagine that! You can install a bio ethanol fireplace virtually anywhere you want. It becomes, in a sense, a portable fireplace that can be carried out from one place to another.


Good fuel efficiency

Since it makes use of bio ethanol, most people will be worried about how often they might need to refill the fireplace in order to enjoy the heat. However, you need not worry. Most good quality bio ethanol fireplaces are created with adjustable regulatory systems that can help you in keeping a check on the running costs of your fireplace. Dimming the fire intensity means a longer running fire. Moreover, these fireplaces also make use of intelligent systems that make sure that the impact of wind is minimized upon the fuel. Some bio ethanol fireplaces also contain a stainless steel mesh that provides insulation to the fuel chamber throughout the range, hence making sure that no unnecessary fuel is wasted.


Well built

These bio ethanol fireplaces are generally created to last a lifetime. Created using the very best materials available, these burners are like a onetime investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life. You won't have to worry for a long time! 

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