Why go for a bio ethanol fireplace?

Why go for a bio ethanol fireplace?
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Why go for a bio ethanol fireplace?

When we think about fireplaces, the first thing that comes to one's mind is an old fashioned, Victorian styled house with a wood burning fireplace or stove in a dimly lit room, with two large sized arm chairs placed right before the fire. However, that concept of a fireplace, though beautiful, is not the only type of fireplace there is. Modern fireplaces do not necessarily require wood fire to be the primary heat source or fuel type.

To install the perfect fireplace within your house can be difficult if you do not know where to start. You will first have to find out the adequate place to install your fireplace and will then have to make sure that you install a proper chimney and flue system. You will also need to maintain the fireplace to ensure its safety. Every now and then, cracks begin to appear on the inside of the fireplace, requiring additional work. However, rather than going through this hassle, you can choose a bio ethanol fireplace.

This article will discuss the benefits of bio ethanol fireplaces and why you should consider this eco friendly fireplace for your own house. If you are still enchanted by Victorian Cast Iron Fireplaces you can find more information about it on our blog.

Bio ethanol fuel

Want to save on heating this winter? Why not opt for a bioethanol fireplace?

Since the fireplace makes use of bio ethanol fuel, most people will be worried about how often they might need to refill the fireplace in order to enjoy the heat. However, you need not worry. Most good quality bio ethanol fireplaces are created with adjustable regulatory systems that can help you in keeping a check on the running costs of your fireplace and how much biofuel you need. Dimming the fire intensity means a longer running fire. Moreover, the bioethanol fireplace also makes use of intelligent systems that make sure that the impact of wind is minimised on the fuel. Some bio ethanol fireplaces also contain a stainless steel mesh that provides insulation to the fuel chamber throughout the range, hence making sure that no unnecessary fuel is wasted.

Bioethanol fuel is environmentally friendly

Bio ethanol fireplaces are eco friendly fireplaces. This is due to the fact that the bio ethanol fuel is a renewable energy source produced from fermented sugars in wheat and corn. Unlike gas fireplaces which rely on fossil fuels or electric fireplaces which rely on electricity, bio ethanol fireplaces use renewable fuel and do not need to be connected to electricity. A bio ethanol fireplace operates by lighting and burning bio ethanol fuel. Just pour the bioethanol fuel into the fuel box and light it! The bio ethanol fuel will burn for up to 5 hours or until the fire is extinguished. The bioethanol fire can be extinguished by closing the lid.

In contrast to electric fireplaces which have no real warming flames, the bioethanol fire produces a real flame and its heat output is significant. However, the benefit is that the bio fireplace does not emit smoke, ash or other residues. Therefore, you can enjoy a warm living room while utilising fuel that is clean burning.

The bio ethanol fireplace is the future

Apart from being a source of clean energy, the bio ethanol fireplace is modernised to make life as smooth for you as possible. A bio ethanol fireplace combines the traditional charm of having the pleasure to watch real flames with the modern convenience of being able to use a remote control to operate and control the fire.

The practicality of bio ethanol fires

No chimney required

The intelligent concept of bio ethanol fireplaces is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Since bio ethanol is clean burning, it does not produce any sort of smoke, soot or ash. As a result, you do not need to get a large scale chimney installed in order to enjoy the warm heat emanating from a bio ethanol fireplace. Bio ethanol fires burn very smoothly without a chimney and are safe to have in any room in your home. Bio fires produce real flames, but such a fire only produces insignificant amounts of carbon dioxide, which is not enough to require a chimney and flue. The bio ethanol fireplace requires only minimal installation.

No electricity or gas connections needed

Perhaps one of the most telling advantages that bio ethanol fireplaces have over the conventional fireplaces is the fact that these fireplaces do not require any sort of connections. The liquid bioethanol fuel that burns is generally placed within a properly built tank. There are no electricity cables attached to the tank and there are no gas connections required in order to light the fire within the bio ethanol fireplace. Imagine that! A bio ethanol fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere you want. It becomes, in a sense, a portable fireplace that can be carried from one room to another.

Longevity of the bioethanol fireplace

Another reason why bio ethanol fireplaces are so environmentally friendly and sustainable is that they are generally made to last a lifetime. The bioethanol fireplace is created using the very best materials available and these fires are like a onetime investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life. You won't have to worry for a long time!

In times where sustainability is emphasised and energy costs are rising, bioethanol fires are the future. Enjoy the heat and watch the dancing flames in the comfort of your own lounge room, while saving on heating costs that come with a gas fire, for instance.

For all the materials and accessories suitable for bioethanol fires, you can find them on our shop.

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