Silcas RGW- Refractory Glaze Wash Coating

Vitcas Refractory Glaze Wash Coating- Silcas RGW- a silica-based, heat resistant, thixotropic product which can resist high temperatures that do not exceed 1000°C / 1830°F. It can be used for applications such as coating refractory bricks and glazing monolithic furnace linings.

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Vitcas Silcas RGW- High Silica-Based Refractory Glaze Wash Coating. The maximum temperature it can resist is 1000°C /1830°F.


  • Heatproof
  • Thixotropic
  • Coating bricks
  • Monolithic linings
  • For best results, apply the refractory glaze wash coating with a brush or alternatively in a spray bottle. The coating is thixotropic so trowel application would also be suitable. 
  • Brush thoroughly onto the surface for in order to give an integral coating and provide maximum bonding.
  • Furnace lining coating should be heated for the first time at 1000°C for optimal glazing efficiency. 
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Product GroupRefractory Products
ColorOff White
Coverage5 Kg / 1m2
Curing Time24h
Ready to UseYes
Temperature1260°C /2300°F
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